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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge #65 Sleepless in Seattle


I think you can tell where I get my inspiration for this scrapbook page/Valentine for my sweetie. The Hear from the Empire state building. The majority of my inspiration comes from the true love that Sam(Tom Hanks) has for the love of his life. And the touching way her shared his memories of her. It's also represent opening your heart to find new love and a healing heart.

I love when Annie(Meg Ryan) and Becky(Rosie O'Donnell's) characters get lost in the movie "An Affair to Remember" we become part of their oh's and ah's as they crying over hope hopes and dreams of romance in their own lives.

I funny thing in this movie I can relate to it the code cracking that the adults have a problem solving.. Remember when the kids Jonah and Jessica say things like:
Jessica: H & G.
Sam has a look like what?
High and Goodbye.
Jessica giving a look like duh!

I feel that same way with some of the texting lingo... I am pretty hip I like to think.. But come on the the only teen I text is mine and he doesn't speak in code to me... LOL.

Did I mention this is also one of my sweeties favorite movies...
He said "The chemistry between Tom and Megan at the end of the move on top of the Empire State building is just amazing. It's hard to beat that"

Is he adorable or what. (heart melter for sure and he is all mine)

Valentines for kiddos class mates.

Please join us on CINEMA SATURDAY to create a one of a kind Valentine for your one of a kind.

Thanks for stopping by.


Maureen said...

Oh, wow, Brooke! This is a gorgeous page...love the black and white photo (so sweet!). What a great movie this week! Love all the elements on your card and you've reminded me that I have that large medallion stamp that hasn't seen the light of day much! Adorable little airplanes!!! I think you call the long roll of candies "smarties" in the States? They are "rockets" here in Canada as we have chocolate coated candy called Smarties in a box :) Have a wonderful weekend with your sweetie :)

Angie Tieman said...

Great page, Brooke!! Love those adorable Valentine treats too!

Sue said...

Aw, Brooke, what a wonderful page you have created, and so romantic.
Love the way you talk about your Sweetheart. This is a great movie to build a project or card around for Valentines Day.

Love your little airplanes. I'm making butterflies and bees for my daughters first grade class from the same smarties candies!!!

Thanks for the inspiration!


Betty J Schaub said...

Brooke! How adorable are these!!! Love them! Would be easy peasy to create in quantity and any kid would love them!!! Thanks for the inspiration!

Stacey Schafer said...

love your page, Brooke... super cute! congrats on being an IPick:)

Marilyn Goodrich said...

FABULOUS layout!! I feel a CASE comin' on! :-)

corinnesomerville said...

Hey Brooke !!! Why am I NOT surprised that Nancy Riley choose you for the Sunday ipicks !!! You're work is amazing and beautiful....just like you !!!!!

Love ya !!! Miss ya !!!
Corinne (aka Roxy)

Butternutsage said...

congratulations Brooke for Ipicks this week...What a fabulous layout you did and how cute you both look. What a nice keepsake it will be! Hugs~Donna

Nancy K said...

Beautiful page Brooke, and such a lovely photo that it showcases!! Those airplanes are adorable -my daughter got one from her Kindergarten bus driver that she held onto forever. Such a great idea!

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