"As you take the normal opportunities of your daily life and create something of beauty and helpfulness,
you improve not only the world around you but also the world within you"

Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge #80 ~ Becoming Jane

Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE All Things Jane Austen!!! When I sat down to make this card I wanted to add little elements from all her writings. Here are some of my little inspirations from the movie. When you received letters in Jane's time letters and envelops were closed with a SEAL. I used the letter "A" stamps to create my seal. In the Movie "Becoming Jane" Cassie gave Jane her PEARLS to help fund her escape with Tom Lefroy. Bouquets of flowers that are offered to her ladies in her books. Lace for all the amazing COSTUMES, Pattern paper for all the beautiful DRAPRIES and fabrics, In Jane's wedding scenes you will find doves. You can even find DOVES in appear in Mansfield park as an offering of Love. Birds were a status symbol in this time period. I added FABRIC LEAVES on this card to represent all the millinery work ladies of this time did to pass the time. I had so many things that I could add to represent Jane and her writings but I will just have to make more cards... Darn...

In the Movie "Becoming Jane" You find yourself hoping that she will marry.. But then have to remind yourself that she never will. I love this inside view into Jane's life. How she create all these different world that she was never apart of is just amazing... Jane had such a wonderful father who wanted nothing more that for her to be happy... Jane's Mother wanted her to find happiness as well. She just had a hard time showing it.. Jane and her sister Cassandra remained close there whole lives.. One thing you will come to admire about Jane through out this movie is here determination to be true to herself... Even if it's not fashionable....

To create the seal I used a JUMBO brad. I applied Versamark ink to the brad then silver embossing powder and heat set and repeated 3 times. I then stamped the letter "A" on it.

Card Recipe~
Stock card for main background paper.
Paper images~ K and Co.
Lace~ Fancy Pants
Pearls~ Target dollar spot
Card stock~ Stampin' Up
Punches~ Stampin' Up
Ink~ Stampin' Up

I can't wait to see all your creations. Stop by cinema saturday and say hi.. Enjoy the show..

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge #79 - New Moon


Link here to Beate's Easle Card Tutorial. This is such a fun and fast card.. The great thing about this card is how it stands. You never have it tipping over. When you are displaying your birthday cards etc.

A Huge shout out to KATHY from PIXIE PRESS STUDIO for being our guest designer and sponsor this week. I had so much fun coloring Kathy's digi image of Edward and Bella. I have to say I giggled a little bit when I came to upload my card.. Sankari and I think alike we both used the same image... I had the image colored last week and was sick when It was time to finish up the card and post. When I finished this card I had to laugh.. Bella is so not a girlie girl.. So I think Alice was my inspiration for this card. Alice is one of my favorite characters in this series. She is such a loving, caring, happy go luck girl who has such a passion for fashion. If you have read the series you will remember that Alice has no memory of her past. You will have to read the book to find out why if you don't know... So what you see is a pure and innocent girl if you can call a Vampire innocent. lol! When I was reading the book I really LOVED Edward then switched to Jacob and back to Edward.. But Hoped Bella would pick Jacob and snap out of the helpless and irrational person she had become.. when I watched the movie I was really rooting for Jacob. In the movie Edward doesn't come across as the same strong, hunky, rational person he is in the book. In the Movie he is just skinny, Not chiseled marble, and whiney. But I still love the movies anyway...

Join us this week on CINEMA SATURDAY and create your best Twilight. This weeks inspiration starter is SILVER.


Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Fabric Flowers

Mother Day Inspired Necklace.

I made this necklace for my mother and myself for mother day.. I LOVE this new addition to my necklace collection. It's just so fun to wear. It's hard to see the center but it has a small rosette in the middle and the outer rose is a gathered 2"in by 45" strip of fabric.
I have had 66" chain I picked up at the craft store for a while know. I was going to make a necklace with fabric embellishment from the beginning. It took a little detour for the better when my sister Mindy sent me a tutorial on how to make a chain that ROCKED my world. I love the versatility of this chain... I can see so many Embellishment going through my head...
You can see the tutorial here on the Polkadorchair I actually made a different flower but I might just make one from her site in the future.
I love to make handcrafted things.. I inherited that trait from my mother, grandmother, and great grandmothers. They are all the most clever and crafty women I know. My mother and grandmother made so many beautiful things for us growing up weather it was clothing, bedding, bridesmaid dresses, flower arrangements, paintings, music boxes, quilts, furniture, gardening, cooking, and the list goes on... You can really get crafty when you need to be resourceful and stretch a dollar. All the women in my life including my mother-in-law are hard workers and have blessed me so much by their example of hard work and love of family and God.


Happy Mother Day to you all.. I hope you have a BEAUTIFUL day. I sure did! Before church all my kiddos gave me cards they had made. Then we headed to church.. My sweet little daughter snuck down to my studio and picked out all that she needed and made and designed her own little card... So SWEET! She is so crafty.. She is my tiny girl.. All the brothers are bigger than her.. Even her little brother out weighs her... She will start Jr High this fall and that breaks both of our hearts.. We are just not ready for her to grow up! I am so blessed to have such a sweet and beautiful and talented daughter.

My Little handsome young man (6 yrs old) made me a paper
flower bouquet and 2 beautiful cards. I sure will miss this little(big) guy next fall when he is in school the whole day.. Not sure what I will do with our my lunch and errand date. He told me "mom you are just going to cry all day when I am in 1st grade because you will miss me so much huh!" Break my heart.. And the answer is YES!!!

I am shrinking..... Well if feels like it.. My 17 year old is 6"2" at least he was 6 months ago... Now my 14 year old is neck and neck 5"9"ish.. He measure up ever to me every day to let me know that he will pass me any second. Mind you I have now shoes on here and they both do...
What a bunch of sweet guys. They are so good at giving hugs each night before bed and saying "Love you mom" each day. They are my biggest fans.. They always tell me how amazing I am at crafting and cooking... They have been that way sense they were very young. They will both make great dad's they are learning about so many thing weather it's how to fix your car to cooking, cleaning, and watching after kids they will be prepared to be good dads. They have a great example from their own dad.

My sweetheart DH gave me a new pocket camera! YAAAA I Love my SLR but some times it's just nice to have a good pocket camera just incase you need a photo opt that might me missed... I am super excited to get to know this little sony camera because it has the ability to record video up to 29 min... Sweet I know... We never use our Sony camcorder it's just to much to haul around not that is big..LOL

This next fall will be a whole new chapter in my life as a mom. I will have a senior in high school another starting high school, and little girlie starting Jr high and a 1st grader.. Lost to think about for sure.. But I guarantee that I will home for my kids.. This stage in life is more critical than ever. And while I am blessed to be a Full time stay at home mom I will do so.. I might have to be clever a find things to fill my time with things other than chore... BORRRING! I will have to force myself to get dressed first thing in the A.M., make a today list each day so I make sure to get things done... I plan on going to the Temple more, having more lunch dates with DH and girlfriends etc. Make more time to study the scriptures add that to my to do list. I will take more walks, finish the backs and bind the two quilts I have made. Lots to enjoy and think about.. I am so blessed to be a wife and mother this is truly a de vine calling from GOD.



Saturday, May 8, 2010

Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge #78 ~ Much Ado About Nothing

THIS MORNING I GOT A CONGRATS FROM MY SWEET FRIEND BUTTERNUT SAGE(DONNA)... I though what did I win? I didn't enter this cards in any challenge or contest hmm? Well guess what mystery solved!
I was
i-PICKED on week 78 from NANCY RYLIES weekly i-pick.
You can check out all here amazing cards picks here.
Doesn't this banner match my card so perfectly wink, wink...

When I think of Much Ado About Nothing I think of dancing and singing and merriment, heart break, scandal, sisterhood, brotherhood, wine, grapes, Italian countryside, natural colors, weddings, white blouses and music. I love the soundtrack from this movie. It's been years sense I have listened to it because it's on CASSETTE. LOL! When I was thinking about this card I knew I was going to keep it natural and simple. I wanted to bring in the windows and wooden beams so I choose to make a grind with Kraft paper. I used my Score-Pal to make the grid on the Kraft paper then used a sponge and ink to antique the paper. If you haven't used parchment I hope you are able to find some.. I love the feel of it. it's kind of a mix of card stock and vellum in texture and appearance. It looks really beautiful when you hold it up to the light. I found it at our local kraft store not expensive at all. I just had to add the little butterfly for the color and dimension not to mention how beautiful it is. Linen wine was a perfect addition to the natural theme.. I so wish that you could buy this in bulk.. I would use it on every thing... To create the flower on this card I used the "Birds and Bloom" die from S.U. then added ink to antique. followed by a brad. Finished up with the Mothers day sentiment from the "All Holidays" set from S.U.

I know you are thinking what does Mother day have to do with "Much Ado With Nothing" well it doesn't directly.. But as I was making this card I though it would be a beautiful Mother day card for my Mother in Law. She loves blue.

Don't for get to check our the creation by my co host Sankari HERE. And this weeks Audrey winners Here.

Hope you enjoy the show.

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