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you improve not only the world around you but also the world within you"

Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge #56 LEGALLY BLONDE

One of the challenge requirements this week was to use an uplifting sentiment... If this sentiment looks familiar it's also a stamp from Stampin' Up... I just wanted to make it more personal my hand writing it like a friend would... In honor of Elle and Paulette friend ship.. Only things I didn't use on this card was a fluffy topped pink pen like Elle used... (It totally cracks me up when she is using her pink fluffy pen at Harvard)

To keep in the true spirit of ELLE I added bling and lots of pink.. I remember adding her little touches to everything... I also choose a butterfly to remind us that we can become anything we want to. Just give us a chance!
I remember when this movie was premiering thinking this is going to be dumb... Isn't is nice to be surprised.. I think that Reese Witherspoon was the reason.. Reese was adorable in this movie.. For me I started out thinking Elle was a really dingbat.. As the movie develops and you see her try so hard to prove her self worth and intelligence she really grows on you and you can't help but root her on... One on my favorite all time relationships in the movie is between Elle and Paulette(Jennifer Coolidge) I love how they help each other out with out even realizing it half of the time, the way real friendship works.. Don't we all become better people when we serve others... We can't forget the cutest little star Bruiser Woods.. The little baby doggie is ADORABLE... Go Bruiser! Cute, cute movie...
Visit I.M.D.B for all the cast bio's and more info for this movie here.

Don't forget to check out our Cinema Saturday's challenge here.
Happy Halloween


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge #55- Hocus Pocus

Come join us this week over at CINEMA SATURDAY!!

We are so excited to share a great family film with you this week... Get all the kiddos involved and have a great time getting ready for HALLOWEEN.
Then come back and post your projects inspired by the movie

You can find a link to more info about the movie here.
Did you know that Kenny Ortaga was the director for this movie.. He was the one responsible for High School Musical...
This movie has an all star cast.
Bette Midler
Sarah Jessica Parker
Kathy Najami
Just to name a few...

This is a great movie about a trio of witches that are awakened by curious kids during the Halloween season and all the trouble they cause by awaking the Sanderson Sisters in Salem Mass. This movie is a little suspenseful for toddlers but but still fun for the older kids...

My project inspired my the movie
Halloween is one of my favorite holidays EVER! I don't know what it is about exactly... Maybe all the yummy sessional candy like candy corn.. The Pumpkin spice candle smell in the air.. Or the change of the season and all the colors... It's just warms my soul... I know weird it totally getting colder... I am on a mission to find lots of vintage halloween things.. I just love vintage... The images are so sweet and classic at the same time..
I have a few new addictions... Burlap and Rosettes... I love all the texture they create on cards and projects.
Is this the cutest brad you have ever seen!! I love this cute old witchie poo!

Gather your family up and watch this ADORABLE family Halloween movie.. It's one of our favorites.. Were did the time go? We took our oldest to this movie 16 years ago... YIKES!

Come back and let me know that you created a card and that you have added me to your blog roll if you already have me there I love you 2... Then mention my candy in your next post and I will have a random.org for a few halloween goodies(Stamps included).
I will take a picture of the goodies in the a.m.

Thanks for flying by..

Happy Halloween!!


Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge #54- Finding Nemo

Come join us

For the challenge this week I decided to make a pixie stick holder.. The sugar reminds me of sand.. I love pixie sticks but sometimes you can feel a little like you have a mouth full of sand...

I got my inspiration from 4 places this week...
1st the movie of course.. 2nd color scheme.. 3rd the shape of the artwork on the packaging below, And 4th the pixie stick.. So it is possible to make a card for a movie challenge and incorporate multiple techniques and still have it still scream "Finding Nemo". I was really happy with the finished product.. What a great gift set I can now add to my birthday box... And I can be ready for a kids b-day...
If you would like to make a pixie stick holder for your self you can find my tutorial here.

Don't forget to check out Sankari's Card inspired by "Finding Nemo" It's TOTALLY AWESOME"!!!

We have a very special guest designer this week check out Taylor's card here..
Thanks for playing along with us and being soooo generous Taylor you are sooo sweet.

This week Audrey award winner and guest designer is
Juli stampinjewels you can find here sweetest project ever here.
Congrats Juli...

Thanks for swimming by..

"Fishy Kisses"

Saturday, October 10, 2009

CSCC#53 Elizabeth: The Golden Age

Come join us this week for and create a project inspired by the Movie
"Elizabeth: The Golden Age"

Don't forget to visit Sankari and see her AMAZING card it will knock your stockings off.

This week our Guest Designer is Beverly you can check out here clever card inspired by King Henry VIII Elizabeths father..

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.

Fit for a Queen.

Royal inspiration

So glad you joined me this week for our challenge over at Cinema Saturday... This week we are presenting the movie "Elizabeth the Golden Age" ...

For the challenge this week I decided to make a piece of jewelry inspired by the Queen. So instead of cutting scoring paper I was digging through my gems and findings then polishing silver.. I really enjoyed making this piece. I decided to include a little angle to watch over the queen as she make decisions for her country... It wouldn't be royal if it didn't include gems and precious metal.

I Love all things British... A few years back we were able to spend almost 3 week in Great Britain with our dearest friends.. We went from the top of Scotland to Lands End England... One of my favorite stops was in London was the "Tower of London" what amazing treasures they have their.. Displayed there is the Armor of Queen Elizabeth's(Golden Age) Father King Henry VIII armor it is so HUGE in many ways lol... Lets just say her thought a lot about his family jewels and wanted to make sure they were protected. They also house the Crown Jewels, Medieval Palace, The White Tower, The Tower Green were Were King Henery VIII's Wives, Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard were Beheaded. Queen Elizabeths love Sir Walter Ralegh was also imprisoned there in the Bloody tower for 13 years. If you want to see even more great thing from this and older time periods this is a MUST visit...

King Henry VIII and his armor

View from the outside of the Tower.

The tower of London.. Tower Bridge is in the background.. Most people think that this is London Bridge.. As in the London Bridge in the Nursery Rhyme... Truth London Bridge is really just a plain old bridge.. It doesn't have such a grand scale of look as does the Tower Bridge.

I can't wait to see what you all come up with... Please join us this week and create a project inspired my the movie:
Elizabeth:" The Golden Age"

Thanks for stopping by


Saturday, October 3, 2009

Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge #52 Mrs Doubtfire

(What a fun surprise that my colors matched Sankari's banner..)

First of all.. HUGE HUGS to my Sunny Sankari... I remember getting an e-mail from the cutest girl ever saying she was going to call me.. I missed her first call :( My DH told me that a girl names Sankari called and I was a little giddy and nervous... We had chatted online and e-mail for a while but never on the phone... The SECOND I heard her voice there was no turning back I fell in love with her forever.. Sankari has become one of the dearest friends in the world.. We had such a instant connection. We rarely talk for less than an hour, and can talk for multiple hours no problem... Most of the time it's in the middle of the night...lol.. We will meet face to face, well person to person someday... I am tall and ALWAYS attract short friends... he,he... I can't wait to sit down with Sankari and her family and have a good Curry... You are to bestest in the mid- westest... I love you to death... Check out Sankari's amazing card here..

What a great movie... You root for Daniel(Mrs Doubtfire) the whole time.. But on the same hand you totally understand Miranda Hillard(Sally Fields) character and why she is feeling the way she does.. Unfortunately for some people they don't know what they had or how good they had it until they loose it.. In this case it's family... The transformation from man to nanny is sooo funny... Harvey Fierstein's voice and personality cracks me up... You have to love it when you are a man going to a man to be made over as a women..
Some of the lines are so stinkin' funny..

Funny lines:
"It was a run my fruiting" (when Mrs Doubtfire through fruit at Stu's head while at the pool.)
"My first day as a women and I am already having hot flashes"...( Boobs caught on fire while cooking)
Funny scenes:
I love it when Mrs Doubtfire is getting mugged and she/he beats the mugger up... How about when the dentures fall out into the glass.. Or Mrs D talks to Stu in the man voice when the family is out to dinner.

Join us on Friday nights as we sneak peek the movie for our challenge on Saturday... You can check it our here..

I had a ball watching this movie. It had been far to long.. I hope you all have a great time watching and creating to it...

When I was thinking about what paper I wanted to use for my card. I thought of this DSP from SU.. It has a older tailored feel to it that fit the Mrs "D" feel. I also thought the quote was great for the challenge... In the Movie Daniel is to busy with his life to realize that he has lost his family. So we all need to remember to let LIFE happen while we are busy making cards... :)

A little tag for the challenge requirement...
A mini dresser to hold all the disguise Mrs "D" has to wear..

I almost forgot to share...

I played along with the cutest gal Julee ever this week and her Mojo Monday Challenge blog.
I {HEART} my weekly Mojo challenge..

Don't forget to come play with us over at Cinema Saturday... We have such an amazing challenge family...

Leave me some love. I want to know you had a great time here.


Friday, October 2, 2009

New and old I will take them all the same.

Here is a sample of the project we made for stamp club this month... I miss these colors...

Don't forget the love on the inside..

Mr Brown came to visit... Hooray I love new toys...
We have another AMAZING Holiday Mini catalog this year.. I you want to get your hand on a few of the new Holiday goodies... Check them out here.

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