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Saturday, January 30, 2010

cinema Saturday Creative Challenge #64 - Titanic

The Titanic Band.

The Titanic band played a HUGE roll in the mood of the failing ship.. These men laid down there lives to help lift the spirits of all the passengers. They all stayed on the ship to there death. They first played up beat music to distract and help keep the spirit of the passages up beat. But there last song was in honor of GOD. The ships bad director said if he were to ever die at sea the last song he would play was "NEAR MY GOD TO THEE" and it was. This is truly one of my favorite Hymns ever.. When it's played with a Orchestra it's just so breathtaking and spiritual. It really places you with the moment you are grieving with or for.
If you would like to read more about the titanic you can go here.. If you would like to here the song here is the post I found.

Card inspiration:
Challenge requirements.. The blue and silver inspiration starters were taken from the necklace that was know as "The Heart of the Ocean". The glittery heart represents that necklace from the movie. I also choose a softer blue for the rest of the card to fit with the time period.
When I was researching this movie I read true accounts of about the Titanic band.. They were a diverse group of men that were from all over the world.. Knowing that they were crew members and that they had a huge role to play in keeping the spirit of the ship they played there music until the very end.. You can read that as people rowed of in the smaller boats you could hear the band playing... I found a copy of the song "Nearer my God to Thee" and printed it of so I could included it on my card.. I thought it was also an appropriate title for my card. Silver was represented in the word LOVE. I included the word LOVE to represent the true love and heartache all the people on the boat must have had for loved one they would never see again and the one they died with. I remember in the movie a mother in one of the lower cabins singing her child to sleep as the water was coming in all around them... We boobed like babies when we watched that scene. The background paper is also representative of the Victorian/Edwardian time. The photo is an actual photo of the Titanic. Last but not least... Pearls for all the lost lives and treasure that will forever remain on the floor of the ocean...

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mojo Monday #123 BEST HUSBAND EVER!

These cards were made for my sweet heart.. Who NEVER gives me grief when I go down to my studio.. He NEVER complains when I am STILL up working on a project/post in the wee hours of the night/day.. We are just around the corner of our 19th Anniversary. I am truly the luckiest woman in the Universe. He is my everything... LOVE YOU BABE.

(Thanks for the great sentiments Julee.. They are just perfect.)

I really enjoyed this weeks 2 card challenge over at Mojo monday. I have made a circle card for quite a while know.. I love getting to us my circle S.U. Big shot Scallop Circle.. The colors I used for this card were inspired my Julee Tilman from Mojo Monday herself.. When I saw the colors she had used It just put a smile on my face.. I LOVE these colors together.. Thanks for a triple inspiration Julee.

Slide ribbon over to open card..

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Monday, January 25, 2010

cinema Saturday Creative Challenge #63 - Australia

Happy Australia Independence day.

Lady Sarah Ashley

For a wealthy newly widowed Aristocrat, who had no children Mother hood does not come natural. Lady Sarah Ashley inherits a newly motherless child and learn what a true mother and child bond is. It takes time for them to realize just how much they truly need each other. On the card below the hearts represent their connection. Nullah is sent of to a small island to escape the bombing of the mainland and he tells Lady Ashley "I WILL SING YOU TO ME" that's how we will find each other not knowing what will happen.

In the Bush and other areas of Australia rain is celebrated. When they are blessed with rain rees and all things bright and beautiful come back to life.. The green DSP and Ribbon represent the beauty from the rain. The Kraft and Chocolate Chip represent the drought. The Map well it's Australia of course.. Maybe CAROL the main source our inspiration will "Sing us all to her for a visit" Happy Australia Independence day to all our Girlies down-under.

The Red, White and Blue represent the Australian flag. The Blue also reminded me of the beautiful Ocean of course. The Sheet music are the tender words of strength that Nullah sings to his new mother.

There are so many beautiful photos that you can gather inspiration have fun viewing them.. They had an AMAZING photographer the photos are stunning.. This last photo is a picture of Nullah's maternal grand father. He is ever present in this movie from a far.. And in the end he takes Nullah on his right of passage "A Walk About". This picture is National Geographic worthy..

Join us HERE on Cinema Saturday to create a project inspired by this movie.
To See Sankari's Beautiful creation you can join her HERE.

Hope you enjoyed the card and the Movie..

Saturday, January 16, 2010

cinema Saturday Creative Challenge #62 "A Night at the Museum"

Join us HERE for this weeks challenge..
and you could win her.


This week I sat down to make my card and watch the movie for our new challenge and low and behold I found the movie case with no movie in it.... So unlike last week and ALL the inspiration elements I added I went with one theme... The Old West. It was the first thing that came to my mind.. when I was thinking about the old west a sheriff came to mind. I decided to make a mini sheriffs badge book mark. I also included a star brad from Stampin' Up that reminds me of a mini badge. This project was inspired my a book mark my dear friend Melanie Hoops gave me at the Stampin' Up convention... LOVE YOU MEL! I stamped words of inspiration on the twill tape to inspire me or a loved one when we open our book to read.

Don't forget to check out our new inspiration corner for idea starters.
Have fun and beware of what might come alive while you are creating your project especially if it's in the middle of the night like me!

Don't forget to check out our challenge here and Sankari's card with all her details here.


Saturday, January 9, 2010

Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge #61 "A Knights Tale"

Inspiration words: Love, Patience, Passion, Determination, Romance.

Sketch inspiration:
Thanks to the fabulous Julee Tilman for helping me get inspired to create.. I have missed your challenges... You can join in the Mojo challenge here.

This picture is one of my inspiration starters for the challenge.. Just before the celebration banquet the Lady Jocelyn asked what color Sir Ulrich would be wearing so she could match him for the evening.. "Green" was the color determined so I decided to use green in the card. In a later scene after a disagreement William and Lady Jocelyn have a great distance between seeing each other about a months time. William's heart is softened and he can do nothing but think of her he is holding a red rose and sharing his broken heart with his mates. They all compose a love letter to the Lady Jocelyn.. When Jocelyn is reading the love letter she is holding that red rose... This rose is to let her know that he has remembered their earlier conversation about flowers and sticks... If you look really close the image of the lady has the title "Rose " over her as well. The Stars on the card are to represent the conversation he had with his father as a child and remembering that he can change the stars and create his own destiny... He wanted to some day become a knight and he was told he could not. But his father said he could change the starts if he put him mind to it. I also included a little sheet music on the card because the modern music twist it's one of the unique notes about this movie.. The metal sentiment and brads are inspired my the knights armor of course. I think the color, pattern paper and embellishments over all have a heavy medieval feel..

Here are the words of inspiration If you like to read more line to find inspiration for your self you can find them here on IMDB.com
Jocelyn: Sir Ulrick. What are you wearing to the ball tonight?
William: er... nothing...
Jocelyn: Well, we shall cause a sensation, for I shall dress to match.
William: [annoyed] Don't you ever get tired of putting clothes on?
Chaucer: [whispers] I think she's talking about taking them off, sir.
Jocelyn: A flower is only as good as its petals. Don't you agree?
William: A flower is good for nothing. You can't eat a flower, a flower can't keep your warm...
Jocelyn: And a rose never knocked a man off a horse either.
William: You're just a silly girl arn't you.
Jocelyn: Better a silly girl with a flower, than a silly man with a horse and a stick...
she walks away]
Wat: It's called a lance... hello...

Don't forget we have a new inspiration corner to help you get inspired on our Cinema Saturday blog..

Paper: Stampin' Up
Ink: Stampin' Up
Embellishments: Stampin' Up, Making Memories, Amy Butler
Punch~ Ek-sucess
Pattern Paper~

I hope you all enjoy creating a card/project inspired my this movie..
Please join us over at Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge to create with us..


Saturday, January 2, 2010

Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge #60 Chronicles of Narnia

My memories of this story go way back to 4th grade.. My teacher read this book out loud to the class. I was hooked.. I love the magical world and she was a great storyteller. When we had our book fair that year at school I snapped up another book "The Silver Chair". I was so excited to have another book from this series even if it was not the next book in the series. As I grew older I enjoyed learning more of the religious undertones that C.S. Lewis had intended.. I think of all the movies that have been made of this story I really enjoy this the most...

This was the photo that started my thought process. The final was the inside of the D.V. case that used the image of Lucy and the lamp post from.. I liked the darker image and feel it had.
Lucy is my favorite Daughter of Eve character.. She has such a sweet untouched incense about her.. I think the Beaver are my favorite creature in the movie.. They represent the every day people just like us all. They can inspire us to always strive to look for ways to help and serve others.

My sentiment and definition of Journey is really what Life is all about .. It's about the Journey and what we do and learn from it..

Come join us and play along this week on our Cinema Saturday challenge.. You can join us here for all the details..

Why should I join in on this challenge.. When else are you EVER going to have the change to create a card inspired by a movie... It's really help you think outside the box and create a work of ART! You can keep and display or share with some one you know LOVES that movies 2!

Card Recipe:

Stamps ~ S.U.

Cardstock~ Basic Black S.U.

Ink~ Whisper White Craft. S.U. Silver , S.U., Versa Mark ink.

Embossing powder~ Silver S.U.

Versa Mark Pen

Ink Dauber

Liquid Appliqué. (snow)

Lazer cut Snow Flakes S.U.

Gem's and Ribbon?

Movie Watched:

The Chronicles of Narnia ~ The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe.




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