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you improve not only the world around you but also the world within you"

Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Monday, September 15, 2008

A lot of Sankari Sunshine!!!

Now if only Mr. Brown would bring me some love like Sankari!!!

Lookie Lookie at all the sweetness that Sankari sent me. She has given me 3 options for my pretty pink toes nails... Banana soap from India, a foot scrubber get for a person who wears a lot of flip flops, Pistachio foot cream, a beautiful black and grey bag that held all the foot care products. For the kitchen a tiny flower cookie cutter, PINK pastry brush (my 4 year old was so excite for me because he is convinced my favorite color is pink), and a bamboo scoop and fork.. For the soul Indian Chi tea, and for the yummy Vanilla wafers, and All allergy free Snicker doodles... How cute to think of my DS that is allergic to nuts... (like I am going to share)  just kidding.. Of course I will... 
This is what was in the mystery package from the upper photo. I had better go over to Sankari's Creative Memories site and see what Creative Memories carries these days.. What a beautiful Picture frame I am going to put it in my studio.. I only wish that it had a picture of the Two of us together...:(  Maybe we get had one photo shopped...:)

This sweet package had love note all over it.. How stinkin' cute is that... Here are a few...
What a sweet friend I have.. I love Sankari she is so much fun to talk to.. We have spent many hours on the phone.. And it feels like it's only a few minutes. The time passes so quickly we never have time to say everything. The only problem, the clock doesn't lie... The tea smell so, so de-vine it reminds me of autumn so I think I will steep some on the stove top to make the house smell de-vine.. That way I can share with the whole family... And maybe everyone will be entranced to do all their chores and homework with out any fuss. Thank you so much for thinking so much of me and treating me like a queen.. Let Talk!!!

You all must jump over to Sankari's blog and she what an amazingly beautiful person she is!!! She is so creative and I always get a huge smile on my face when I visit her blog.. Sankari is such a talented person she is a wonderful wife a mother, a trained ayurvedic consultant, a creative memories, a Professor of philisophy, a very open minded individual, a wonderful daughter, a beautiful friend, an amazing artist,a world traveler, a great movie buff, and lover of all music and dance, and the list goes on and on... She is AMAZING!!!!
Major Huge HUGS!!!


Carol Dunstan said...

at a lovely gift, and well deserved! Mmm, now I am tempted to put some chai on the stove!

Megan said...

What a fun gift...she is so sweet, and I can just smell the yummy tea. :)

Butternut Sage Designs said...

WOW I love Sankari too, her sweetness comes through on her blog, and in her lovely comments she wishes all of us! Your tea set is divine, and the music that plays with it is STUPENDOUS! Thanks for making me smile!

Catherine said...

What a fun gift from Ms. Sunshine =) I love her blog and always look forward to see what she's up too =)

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