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Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Kristina's Color Challenge #24

come play http:www.kwernerdesign.com

Stamp Recipe:
Stamps: Baroque(background stamp), Gentler Times (retired)
Card Stock - Chocolate Chip, Very Vanilla, Kiwi Kiss, Craft.
Ink - Kiwi Kiss, Stayzon, Pumpkin Pie.
Twill Ribbon Stampin' Up Chocolate Chip.
Rhinestone Brad - Stampin' Up
Crystal Effects (big surprise I know!)
Scallop edge punch
Stampin' Dimensionals, Snail adhesive.

"Persuasion" Jane Austin"

P.S. so very sorry I have been an absent blogger..... I have had a few major projects I have been working on this last week... Thanks for all the sweet e-mail to see if I am still alive... (The story below is one one of the major project but not the big project) 

HUGE WARNING!!!! Be super careful to NOT!!!! to use any passwords that have anything to do with personal things in your life that you make public.... And change the passwords often on major accounts... I have had someone break into my paypal account this last week-end and rack up major headaches  for me...... Paypal has a little key ring tag that you can get from them for $5 that has a personal pin number that you have to enter in after you log in. It changes ever 30 seconds for security... I will rest more assured with a little more security... I had recently read an article on Splitcoast about this very problem and thought ah!!! I have never had a problem I don't really use the account. Seriously two days later I now have a major huge problem to deal with.... It boggles my mind how they got my password and e-mail for this account because I HAD an address that I only use for that account... I was alerted to this problem by a very hostile young man with a very threatening phone message that I was committing fraud... I was so confused.. I didn't call him back I called "Pay Pal" my bank and the police... All the above were so easy to work with except the phone messenger....  He had left a message with loads of personal info that creeped me out.. He got my # and info from my BLOG.... and Stampin' Up Website... Yikes...  I didn't use a password that was any personal so he had to have hacked into a site that I frequent... I am now in the process on changing a lot of passwords... YIKES!!

I hope you all have a wonderful fall weekend.. We enjoyed a 85 degree day today.. My DS decided to run through and ride his scooter through the sprinklers in his P.J. of course... And he has to have been the happiest kid I had even seen. He was trying to get his little girlfriend to join in the fun. But she was not quite as crazy as he was. We have a storm blowing in as I type and the weather is a changing... This is so typical for a Conference weekend here is Utah... We will just curl up read a good book and watch a little church Conference on t.v.

Best Wishes and Hugs!!!


Catherine said...

can't wait to play along and can't wait to see yours =)

btw, where have you been?

Tamara said...

I know you've been interested in Copics, so when I saw this I thought you would like it. This blog is totally amazing, and she's done a video tutorial explaining how she uses her Copics to get the most bang for her buck. Check it out: http://www.kiyomikrafts.com/kiyomi/2008/09/copics-101.html

Anthonette said...

I love how you used Baroque Motifs and Crystal Effects. Wow! It totally looks like the inspiration piece.

Love the pictures of your son! Simple things in life make them happy, don't they?

That is scary about your PayPal account being hacked. What a mess! Good luck.

yvonne said...

Absolutely gorgeous card!

Catherine said...

Brooke, oh my that is really scary. Your card is so gorgeous!

Julie Davison said...

Yikes!! Scary stuff with the Paypal intrusion. I try to keep different passwords for major sites, but I don't change them as often as I should. Your card for the challenge is fabulous -- spot on! I wish I had that stamp too, it's perfect match for the plates. I've been meaning to tell you...I come to your blog almost every night just to listen to the music while I stamp! I don't have a radio or stereo hooked up in here (yet), but my computer is across the room from my stamp room. It works out nicely. So thanks for the great song selection!

Shari said...

Thats horrible Brooke. We just froze our Credit for reasons like that. I still need to change all my passwords too. I wanted to make sure that nobody could buy a car or anything else on my credit, so that's why we froze it. ITs nice that you can do that now. The other day our mortgage sent us a letter saying that somebody in the company had sold all the info of the people who had loans. It just makes you mad.

Anonymous said...

beautiful card!
We had the same thing happen to us in July with PayPal. $1150 gone from our checking in a flash, fortunately we had it all returned but it was frustrating! I've heard of this having happened to at least 2 others, Paypal needs to beef up the security.
Wanna know the worst part, they didn't even buy anything good! no stamps, no paper, no ink, just silly characters for World of War games. ;)

chloe said...

As usual, a fabulous card! Love the outline of the baroque set: gorgeous!
A bit scary about the Paypal thing: didnt even think that was possible!!

Sherri said...

Wow - love the use of crystal effects!

Megan said...

Fabulous! I love love your card! I was sad I didn't get to play, but yours is awesome!

So scary al that happened...the part that freaks me out is that between blogs and my SU! website people can find out a lot of info, yikes, maybe I need a diffrent password now.

Carol Dunstan said...

Love your card, the details are fantastic. Sorry to hear about all the drama, I was wondering what you were up to!

Angie Tieman said...

This is lovely! That background is so pretty!

Sankari W. said...

Beautiful card Brooke! Love the motif and the way you shined it up!! beautiful!

I have been trying to leave a comment all day on your blog - but as soon as I come onto your site - something happens with the kids that i have to stop and go fix something... so its nice to finally come onto your site for a bit!

can i just say that your little Z is just TOOOOOO cute!!! love that sweet smile on his face all wet in his PJs (which by the way are just too cute too!)

Hope you guys are enjoying some fun weekend fun! things here are just beyond busy - and tomorrow looks like an all day busy filled sunday.... hopefully I can talk to you sooN!!! sending ya'll lots of joy!
Sankari :)

ps - you have to tell Z that our son thinks he is the coolest ever after seeing his picture!

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