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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge #30 "Mary Poppins"

Marry Poppins inspiration project come join us and create...

Inspiration Photo.

This week I couldn't resist making a rosette to honor Kelly Lunceford our guest designer. She is the queen of Rosettes.. I have to admit they are really addicting... I have make a few cards lately but haven't posted them yet...

  • Won 5 Oscars. Another 12 wins & 12 nominations more here:
  • The Sherman Brothers wrote over 30 songs during the various stages of the film's development.
  • The "Step in Time" sequence had to be filmed twice because of a scratch on the film from the first take. The entire sequence took a week to film.
  • Julie Andrews provided the whistling for the animatronic Robin during the song "A Spoonful of Sugar".
  • Julie Andrews was determined to nail the lullaby "Stay Awake". She took nearly 50 takes (most reports suggest 47) in the Disney recording studio to create the perfect "soft" voice quality for the song. Dick Van Dyke, on the other hand, took only one take to record his verses as Mr. Dawes, Sr. on "Fidelity, Fiduciary Bank".
You have to jump over to I.M.D.B and read through all the great fact they have. I always lean so many cool things researching these films...

This movie is just dripping with cards and project ideas.. But this is the first image that came to mind. While I was searching for images to use for the sneak peek I came across this Silhouette image on a advert here if you want to copy it please do.. I really wanted to keep it simple just like Mary Poppins. I felt a simple color scheme would accomplish this. I found so many great quotes on the I.M.D.B website. I was thinking of using the quote "Mary Poppins...practically perfectly in every way" She reads this sentiment to the children when she is in the nursery and measuring everyone for their personality... BUT..... I had this sentiment come to the front of my mind and I can just imagine her saying this.... "If at first you DO succeed, try not to look ASTONISHMENT." This sentiment is from the Stampin' Up set: "Full of Life" this set has been so much fun to play with you have to check it our...

Here are a few of my favorite quotes I found from the movie:

  • Supercallifragilisticexpialidocious!(of course)
  • Mary Poppins: That's a pie crust promise. Easily made, easily broken.
  • As I expected. "Mary Poppins, practically perfectly in every way."
  • Joke:
    Bert: It reminds me of me brother. He got a nice cushy job at a watch factory.
    Uncle Albert: At a watch factory? What does he do?
    Bert: He stands about all day... and makes faces!
    Uncle Albert: [laughing hysterically] He makes faces in a watch factory!
    (my kids and DH are always trying to out do each other with jokes)
  • Mary Poppins: In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun, and - SNAP - the job's a game! (IF ONLY it was that easy!)
I have so many ideas running through my head. throughout the week I might find a second or two to create more projects so check back.....Have a Supercallifragilisticexpialidocious! time creating... COME JOIN US OVER AT THE CINEMA SATURDAY CHALLENGE! WE LOVE MAKING NEW FRIENDS!!!!

Don't forget to check out Sankari and Kelly's blogs to see their amazing creations....


Kelly Lunceford said...

This is so cute! I Love all of the buttons and colors! Yes...perfect in every way! Great job!

Kelly Lunceford said...

OKay...apparantly I needed so sleep a little longer. I was commenting on the wrong card! I am in love with your Rosette! I am glad that I inspired you! I have so much fun making them, too, and yes...they are addicting!!! I love that silhouette!

Ann said...

Absolutely amazing, Brooke! I adore this card!

Angie Tieman said...

Wowzers!! This card is amazing! Love it!

Liam said...

Oh I love your card it is stunning. This was my favourite movie of all time. I would watch this movie over and over again as a little girl. This card is so beautiful. I wish i could come up with your ideas for the challenge I just don't think I could create a masterpiece like this for the challenge. You are so talented.


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