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you improve not only the world around you but also the world within you"

Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Friday, July 31, 2009

Hello "Matryoshka" Dollies

Ok. Stampers... When I saw this stamp set I HAD to have it... When I was digging through the big blue box at Roberts Craft.. This is the one stamp set I was head over heals to find these beauties... This set is really fun to play around with.. You could stamp is straight on to the card and not alter it or...... You could have endless possibilities with paper piecing... Just like my sample... I love that this set included images that you could accent the card with. I love the rickrack stamp.. It add just the perfect touch and doesn't over power the card when you stamp in Whisper White...

My sweet mother just retired. Yesterday was her last day.. When I called to see how she was enjoying her day of leisure.. She was elated... No Alarm clock.... She said "When the Alarm went of the day before she turned it off and cried she was so happy, This was the last day she had to work". How exciting is that... I am so happy for her she is such a hard worker and SOOO deserves to retire... My dad was self employed... There are a lot of cool things that come with self employment but there are a lot of worries as well.. When I was about 12/13 she went back to work full time so we could have medical insurance and help with income... I can't even imagine how hard it was for her to be a full time mom and full time employee... She had so much on her plate... Now she gets to be a Grandma and come to all the school activities etc... And just hang out with us all.. Congrats MOM on a job well done. 25 years with employed..

My mother is the one who taught me the love of hand made projects.. And her mother and grandmother were also crafter and taught classes on painting to ceramics etc.. So I decided as this card was evolving that she would appreciated all the details and culture that this card had.. So as she retires this card can represent the world and how it is here to see now...

Thanks Mom I love you forever and Eternity..

You can fine these cute dollies here:
(Click on the link below)

Zach loves to make cards for his friends.. He cracks me up... He know exactly what he wants to use. His favorite tool to use are my Stampin' Up punches.. I think the kid could punch out paper for hours... These punches are much easier than the 75 traditional punches I have and never even use any more.. I even replaced the circles and squares with the S.U. punches... Sooo worth it even if it takes a while cost wise to replace them... Any ho.. When we go to the craft store Zach LOVES to pick out pattern paper so I usually limit him to 1-2 pieces. With in seconds he has someone in mind that he wants to make a card for. I don't really coach him on how to make a card I just let him create. He will ask me to cut something now and then... Notice the ribbon length on the left card I couldn't bare to change it... The card on the right is so funny, dogs and airplanes how funny. When I asked him why dogs and airplanes he said... "Tyce really really likes dogs and airplanes" I guess he is more observant at school than I think.. He told me what to write for the Sentiment. Funny thing is... It's glued on UP SIDE DOWN... Ironic isn't...

Go make a card with you kiddos


Ann said...

SUPER cute!!!

Angie Tieman said...

Oooh, this is fabulous!! Congrats to your Mom!!

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