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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge #92 Napoleon Dynamite

Sense our challenge this week was to make a pocket/container card I decided to make Napoleon a little backpack card for the first day of school..

This is Napoleon backpack that he found at the D.I.(local thrift shop) he thought it was FLIPPIN' SWEET... (Which is a total UTAH/IDAHO~ ism..)
If you want to make a backpack just like Napoleons you can find the template here on splitcoaststampers.com
What would Napoleon fill in this said backpack of his... Well CHAPSTICK of course because "My Lips hurt real bad" as he would say... Napoleon being the groovy nerd that he is would take the time to pick out very special pencils.. So I found some that honored Napoleon...
"OH MY HECK" (another UTAH/IDAHO~ism). Napoleon would have also pick out a few items for his locker.. These magnets should do the trick. That way he can have a picture of his favorite brother KIP who reminds him daily that he had mad computer skills and "Don't be Jealous that I've been chatting online with babes all day" Napoleon...
Have you ever seen a LIGER? I have.. We have a stuffed on at a museum here in Utah.. I remember seeing SHASTA as it was called when I was little.. "Liger's are Mystical creators you know". ( at least Napoleon thinks so)

This movie is one of those cult movies you just don't get the first time you see it.. But even days later you find yourself laughing at a line or scene from the movie and you get sucked into watching it again and laughing your head of... This movie cracks me up the little town of Preston, Idaho is just over the border from Utah.. So basically this little town was just like any little town in Utah.. Any yes the saying are really said.. Like HECK YA instead of HELL YA. You wouldn't want to swear now would you.. LOL. One of my favorite scenes of all time is Napoleon doing the dance for Pedro's campaign.. Laugh you butt(as we would say in Utah/Idaho~ism's) funny. John Header is such an amazing character actor.. How could you not laugh you pants of while making this movie...

to you all.. Can't wait to see what your favorite saying from this movie are...


Join us over at Cinema Saturday and create your own NAPOLEON project.

Card Stock ~ Stampin' Up
Pattern Paper~ We are Memory Keepers
Stamps ~ Stampin' Up
Ink ~ Stampin' Up
Adhesive~ Stampin' Up sticky strip, Score-tape~ Scorepal
Ribbon~ Stampin' Up
Eyelets~ Making Memories
Backpack Template~ Splitcoaststampers.com HERE.


Marie said...

What a fun movie! I haven't seen it in forever!! Your backpack is ADORABLE Brooke! Love it!! Lots of exclamation marks too!!! ;)

Jeanette said...

Awesome. I remember Shasta. Shasta and I shared a birthday.

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