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you improve not only the world around you but also the world within you"

Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Monday, July 14, 2008

Great Weekend!

Me and my little sisters, Mindy, Ginger and Amber. (Not to bad for girls who are 30 + ya!)

Pretty amazing cake.

   Close up of the Monogram and Pipe work. 

First Dance just about to begin.

Bride and little flower girls. My DD is the tallest one with red hair.

Yummy Cake!
We had a great week-end. My sister Ginger was married on Saturday! She looked SO BEAUTIFUL. All my little sister looked beautiful in fact. My sweetie married the happy couple and did a fabulous job!  Our Wonderful Mother altered and added to the dark purple dressed and made the light purple dress along with her mothers outfit. She is so talented! My sister Amber made the wedding cake so amazing.. We now have an amazing new brother in-law who is so loving and supporting to my sister and her son. He is a very self-less person and brings out the best in both of them. We got to meet my Bro. in-law family that flew in from St. Thomas He has a great family and they were so much fun to meet. We dance to a great mix of music  like current hits, 80's, Scooby Doo theme (bro-in law hand picked it out for my 4 yrs old how cute is that) to great music from the Caribbean. What a great couple! We are so happy for their new family!


Carol Dunstan said...

it looks like it was a fabulous weekend, and talent obviously runs in the family. Congrats to your sister & brother-in-law! :-)

Sankari W. said...

Congratulations Brooke! You look beautiful in purple - what a sweet pic of all the sisters on the special day! I can't believe that your sister made the cake! Wowza! And that your mom made/altered the dresses! You guys are one talented bunch! That was so sweet to throw Scooby Doo into the Reception music mix - what a sweet guy! Best luck to the happy couple!

much love,

(ps - I love coming onto your site and listening to Leona Lewis :Keep Bleeding. LOVE IT!!!

Jean said...

You all look beautiful!! I just love the purple dresses etc - my favourite colour. That cake is truly amazing too!!Obviously a lot of talent in your family!

Hugs, Jean

Tanja said...

What a good-looking bunch of people! Congratulations!

LeAnne said...

What BEAUTIFUL girls you all are, and every aspect of this wedding is incredible. That cake on the lighted stand is a jaw-dropper! Thanks for sharing!

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