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Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge # 4 - Grease

I decided to go with the big "Sleep-over" seen. When Sankari and I were talking about this movie I had Frenchie's hair in curlers and pineapple hair from the prom come to mind. I really thought it would be fun to re-create paper hair. What is more fun that Girlfriends, food, and movies. WATCHING "Grease" WITH GIRLS OF COURSE. Because we like to sing and dance and be silly. Husbands not so much.

We have had this soundtrack playing in our house for weeks now. My kids have always love this movie and music. It seems like they are always learning a song from this soundtrack for something or other for school. Last year in "U.S. History" my son's learned about music from all the era's and the preformed a few song in costume for parents. This week it was my DD turn they were learning songs and action to preform at "Barns and Noble" for a school fundraiser. When my kids were little we would ballroom dance to this music around the house. I was always had to be the guy partner so know I am not a very good female partner. I always want to lead. When I was a kid I was a girl for the "50" probably 3 times I just loved wearing mu mom's Original Poodle skirt and ensemble. In Junior high red "Keds" were my favorite as well. I hope you all had a great time watching this movie and making a few memories with you kids.

 MY DD WAS A POODLE SHIRT GIRL for one of her halloween costumes this year. It warmed my heart. :)

p.s. I am with Sankari DH I loved Olivia Newton John. We had a 8-track of hers and I loved to listing to it. I also loved her in "ZANADU" jump over and catch the 80'S fever. O.K. I'm an "80'S" girl... I remember the year "Grease" came out I wanted to see it so bad!! But my mom said it was not appropriate. So I had to wait. I was so say because the little girls down the street got to see it and had the RECORD ALBUM(do you remember what a record is?)he,he! 

Who doesn't love a good girls night. I just had one 2 week ago with a few dear friends. We  watched "Regarding Jane" what a great movie. We had a good chat and a relaxing night.

My DD and I thought we should add a cigarette but we though that it probably wouldn't be appropriate. And if I added earrings you might not even see them it's hard enough to see the ears. A girls night is a great party for little girls. We had one for my DD's 7th b-day party. All you need is a good movie, curling irons, nail polish, p.j's, food, great friends for help with all the girls.

Hope you enjoyed the show!


Carol Dunstan said...

oh wow, what a great card!

I'm actually not a huge fan of Grease, just like ABBA I think my Mum played them one too many times.. but it is ingrained in me so you may find me singing along to the songs...

Ann said...

This may be THE coolest card I've ever seen!!!! WoWzA!!!! I chose the sleepover scene, too, but mine isn't even close to this! YOU ROCK!!! :D

p.s. I'm giving away some blog candy if you're interested.

Sankari W. said...

Brooke this card is just AWESOME!!! wow!!! I love love love the curlers and the way you tied the "scarf" from ribbons!! WOWie! utterly cool and fantastic!

I wish we could have a girl's night out - wouldn't that be so much fun!! we could crop, eat popcorn and watch an austen movie :)

sorry to miss your call yesterday - came over to your site last night - but then DD started throwing up - so I was off again to try to get her back to sleep... now she is sick again... seriously these weeks have been too much with all this strep, croup, fever, throw up, clingy crankiness... hopefully they will be better soon...

sorry for this ginormous message - i just wanted to tell you that your card is just beyond cool - utterly fantastic!!!

sending you a ton of nailpolish, giggles and popcorn :)
:) Sankari

Sherri said...

Oh my! That's amazing how you did the curlers!! Super cute card!

Amy, Ottawa, Canada said...

Those curlers are a hoot. Love that card.

Kari said...

Love you card!! What a great idea! The curlers are fantastic!!! Love it all! You did an awesome job!!!

Anthonette said...

The curlers and the scarf are SO cute!!! That totally captures the sleepover scene.

zukesgirl said...

How cute and creative --- LOVING the "hair and curlers" sooo creative!

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