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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge - #25- "Gold Finger" James Bond

"Gold Finger"
James Bond

Card image inspiration. I thought this was a great image... Totally  un expected.  It's rather comical that the title is called Gold Finger and on the cover of the book there are Gold Eye's. 

This sentiment reminds me of James or one of his lady friends(wink,wink) handing some to the other and saying "here is a little something to remember me by".

I wanted to add in a little extra Gold so I decided on Gold coins and Gold thread.. If the flower doesn't kill you the gold thread and do some damage I am sure.

My Favorite James Bond of ALL TIMES is "Shaun Connery" What a hunk... I still think he is dang cute. The "James Bond" movie were a favorite of mine growing up.. My dad love to watch them so we learned to love them as well. I did get my feel for the movies and am still recovering I might add. During the U.S.'s "Thanksgiving" season they have a "James Bond" marathon. Let's just say my dad and mom were staying with us and dad had control of the T.V. and to this day when we here the theme song we all get a little twitchy.. He watched the shows for like 2 days straight.. Yikes!

The new "James Bond" Movies are really great as well. The Action is so much more realistic for a spy. The newest movie was just released this week. We took the older boys to see it in the theaters. They loved it.. During the movie my DH whispered in my ear.. This is not filmed in Bolivia... He lived there for 2 years ages ago thing are still pretty much the same. Not a lot of progress.  I know that while my DD and I are of dancing this week-end they will be watching this movie. They could hardly wait for the week-end to come.

Have a great Week-end and lets get stampin'

(p.s. if this totally doesn't make any sense.. remember it's 2:02 a.m.)


scrappyyankee said...

Great card Brooke! I'm a big fan of James Bond and still have a crush on Sean Connery.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such lovely comments. You made my day. Enjoy your dancing weekend.


Anita Hovey said...

I saw your card on the Cinema challenge blog and just had to come leave you some love! That card is hilarious! I LOOOVE it and I am sooo going to case it. TFS

Carol Dunstan said...

oh great card Brooke! I used to watch some of the Bonds as a kid though they weren't a particular fave of my Dad's... it was probably more my Mum actually! Love the Just Jawing skull with the A Rose Is A Rose in it's teeth - classic!

Scrappinwendi said...

This card is so great! I might need you to make one for Emily's bday in July since she LOVES skulls and crossbones.

scrapperjulia said...

Great idea for a card! Love the skull holding a rose in its mouth! Hope your daughter did well at the dancing competition!

Karen said...

Love the rose in his mouth!! I haven't seen that stamp used that way before...great idea! :> I grew up on Bond movies, but haven't seen the last two. I'm sure I will eventually though...be a shame not see them all when I've already seen the umpteen that have been made! :>s

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