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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Cinema saturday Creative Challenge #35 "Some Like it Hot"

Come join us over a "Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge" and make a" HOT" card. The requirement this week is to use an element of Lace or Ruffles. We you have finished don't forget to share it with us on the CSCC blog. If you are linking to another blog don't forge to leave a comment...

A little card for the person I want to be loved by forever..

If you want to play along with this sketch you have to hurry over to Julee's Mojo blog.. This is a contest challenge this week so don't miss out...

My first inperation for this card was the music.. I searched on line for the sheet music and read through a few and choose my fav.... I then reduced to the size I wanted and had this great sketch come to mind.... I {Love} Julee's sketches.. I use to do mostly color challenges.. But if I have to choose one or the other due to time etc. I choose Julee...

I don't remember when I first saw this film. But who could forget Jack Lemon, Tony Curtis and Marilyn Monroe... I can see them dressed up as girls playing there instruments on the train with the all girl band... Then acting like best girlfriends with Sugar... Hillarious...

A favorite line is from the song.. "I Want to be Loved by You"
Sugar: [singing] I wanna be loved by you, just you, nobody else but you. I wanna be loved by you alo-o-one. Boop boop e doo.
(I always think of Betty Boob when I here this line.)

Favorite Quote from this movie:
Sugar: Story of my life. I always get the fuzzy end of the lollipop.

Saddest fact I found:
Marilyn Monroe was pregnant during the filming, as a result she looked considerably heavier. She had no known children and several miscarriages in her life. Due to her pregnancy, most of the publicity still photos were posed for by both 'Sandra Warner' (who had an uncredited role as one of the band members) and Monroe's frequent stand-in Evelyn Moriarty with Monroe's head superimposed later.

Funny Fact:
When Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon first put on the female make-up and costumes, they walked around the Goldwyn Studios lot to see if they could "pass" as women. Then they tried using mirrors in public ladies rooms to fix their makeup, and when none of the women using it complained, they knew they could be convincing as women. There is a scene on the train recreating this moment.

Cool Votes for this movie:
In 2007, the America Film Institute ranked this as the #22 Greatest Movie of All Time.

The movie's line "Well, nobody's perfect." was voted as the #48 movie quote by the American Film Institute (out of 100).

Voted #1 on the American Film Institute's list of 100 Funniest Movies.

Voted #14 on the AFI's List of 100 Greatest Movies.

Hope you enjoy the show..


Anthonette said...

This card is a work of art! I love everything about it...I clicked on it to see it enlarged just to appreciate all the details. You did a fabulous job for this movie!

Brooke S said...

Ah!! Thanks you are such a doll.

Julie Davison said...

Great card -- I love all the details! I have to say your typo made me giggle! "(I always think of Betty Boob when I here this line.)" I've never seen Some Like It Hot...maybe I will get to this week and play in the challenge.

Shari said...

Brooke I love your card. I think your in for the winning on the mojomonday. At least you would if I was voting :)

Shari said...

Hey Brooke, Are you in on the card group this month? I am, but again I won't be able to attend. Mark and I are taking Meryn and Chris to the Rodeo. I always want to go, but it's so hard to get over there. I seem to get busier and busier every year. AHHH!

Angie Tieman said...

Wowzers! This is gorgeous!! I love the whole vintage feel, and you blew that sketch challenge out of the water too!

Kathryn said...

What an amazing card -- LOVE all the details - so pretty! :)

Julee (Vervegirl) said...

What a gorgeous card! Love the inspiration and the addition of the sheet music. Thanks for playing! :)

Carol Dunstan said...

love all the elements you've pulled together for this, the music, the ruffles etc etc - it's a fantastic card!

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