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Monday, January 25, 2010

cinema Saturday Creative Challenge #63 - Australia

Happy Australia Independence day.

Lady Sarah Ashley

For a wealthy newly widowed Aristocrat, who had no children Mother hood does not come natural. Lady Sarah Ashley inherits a newly motherless child and learn what a true mother and child bond is. It takes time for them to realize just how much they truly need each other. On the card below the hearts represent their connection. Nullah is sent of to a small island to escape the bombing of the mainland and he tells Lady Ashley "I WILL SING YOU TO ME" that's how we will find each other not knowing what will happen.

In the Bush and other areas of Australia rain is celebrated. When they are blessed with rain rees and all things bright and beautiful come back to life.. The green DSP and Ribbon represent the beauty from the rain. The Kraft and Chocolate Chip represent the drought. The Map well it's Australia of course.. Maybe CAROL the main source our inspiration will "Sing us all to her for a visit" Happy Australia Independence day to all our Girlies down-under.

The Red, White and Blue represent the Australian flag. The Blue also reminded me of the beautiful Ocean of course. The Sheet music are the tender words of strength that Nullah sings to his new mother.

There are so many beautiful photos that you can gather inspiration have fun viewing them.. They had an AMAZING photographer the photos are stunning.. This last photo is a picture of Nullah's maternal grand father. He is ever present in this movie from a far.. And in the end he takes Nullah on his right of passage "A Walk About". This picture is National Geographic worthy..

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Hope you enjoyed the card and the Movie..


Anonymous said...

Brooke, I love this card. I am loving your inspirations. The colors you used..representing the drought etc...great thinking! The little sheet of music is such a great touch! As always..artwork to the eyes!! HUGS

Fiona Harrison said...

Thanks for thinking of us Aussies on our day. Its a lovely card.

Just a small note, it is just "Australia Day" not Australia Independence Day. It does not honour an agreement of independence but rather the settling of Australia (a bit like Founder's Day).


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