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Saturday, January 30, 2010

cinema Saturday Creative Challenge #64 - Titanic

The Titanic Band.

The Titanic band played a HUGE roll in the mood of the failing ship.. These men laid down there lives to help lift the spirits of all the passengers. They all stayed on the ship to there death. They first played up beat music to distract and help keep the spirit of the passages up beat. But there last song was in honor of GOD. The ships bad director said if he were to ever die at sea the last song he would play was "NEAR MY GOD TO THEE" and it was. This is truly one of my favorite Hymns ever.. When it's played with a Orchestra it's just so breathtaking and spiritual. It really places you with the moment you are grieving with or for.
If you would like to read more about the titanic you can go here.. If you would like to here the song here is the post I found.

Card inspiration:
Challenge requirements.. The blue and silver inspiration starters were taken from the necklace that was know as "The Heart of the Ocean". The glittery heart represents that necklace from the movie. I also choose a softer blue for the rest of the card to fit with the time period.
When I was researching this movie I read true accounts of about the Titanic band.. They were a diverse group of men that were from all over the world.. Knowing that they were crew members and that they had a huge role to play in keeping the spirit of the ship they played there music until the very end.. You can read that as people rowed of in the smaller boats you could hear the band playing... I found a copy of the song "Nearer my God to Thee" and printed it of so I could included it on my card.. I thought it was also an appropriate title for my card. Silver was represented in the word LOVE. I included the word LOVE to represent the true love and heartache all the people on the boat must have had for loved one they would never see again and the one they died with. I remember in the movie a mother in one of the lower cabins singing her child to sleep as the water was coming in all around them... We boobed like babies when we watched that scene. The background paper is also representative of the Victorian/Edwardian time. The photo is an actual photo of the Titanic. Last but not least... Pearls for all the lost lives and treasure that will forever remain on the floor of the ocean...

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Radha said...

I love love pearls
so much!!!Nice card!!!

Maureen said...

oh, Wow, Brooke, what inspiration!! I'm so glad I came over to your blog to read more about your card. It was a fantastic movie...really pulls at the heart strings even now after so many years. And we're just seeing the hollywood version...it must've been life shattering for the survivors to see the ship go down and always wonder why they were spared....a haunting tale :)

Anonymous said...

Brooke, this is such an interesting post. I love the info you gave about the band! Your card is just lovely. Love the sheet music in the background and the glittery heart makes a perfect Heart of the Ocean!!

Angie Tieman said...

Brooke, your card is gorgeous!!

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