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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Kristina's Color Challenge #13

To play along click on this link: http://www.kwernerdesign.com

I have to thank Kristina once again for pushing me I would have gladly stopped the card with out the "Wild Wasabi" not that I don't love the color. It's a favorite of mine. I just was loving the colors with out it. I was going to use the double stitched ribbon and decided to switch it out for a strop of card stock I really was starting to like the card a lot more. I decided to stamp the sentiment in the "Wild Wasabi" as well and it turned out great. I hope you all enjoy the card. I am really happy with the end result. 

I will answer a few question I have received on a few of my cards in the post. I appreciate all the sweet comments and question you have for me.  Hope you enjoy. 

I highlighted the edge of my paper using a "Sponge Dauber". To do this method you pounce the Sponge Dauber in the desired ink and gently rub it on the edge of you paper. You will have to use a paper under the card stock it will have ink on both card stock and under-paper. If you want a heaver look you can rub harder. I then tipped the card stock on the edge and highlighted the edges with the sponge Dauber to define the edge. 
If you want to have you sentiments or images to have perfect placement you need to give the "Stamp-a-ma-jig a try. I took for ever to purchase this product and what the heck was I waiting for. It's a breeze to use and you now can have all the clear stamps you will ever need. I used the best measuring tool I have the "Stampin'Up Grid Paper" I just centered the card between the 6 inch and 12 inch lines. I stamped my image on my imaging sheet and placed the image over the exact spot I wanted it to be which was using the 9 inch and a center point. I lined up my stamp-a-ma-gig and removed the imaging sheet not the Stamp-a-ma-gig and lined up the stamp in it's place and wha-la! perfect placement. I then used the other center points given to me by the grid paper at 7 inches and 11 inches and repeated the image.

Per request I will show how I use the "Crystal Effects". I have several stylus tools made by "Kemper Tools" that I have had for at least 15 years. You can still purchase at any craft or art store. On both ends of the wooden handle there is a different size stylus. I used the DBSS size(the smallest). I dip the end of the stylus in to the lid of the "Crystal Effects" and  bring the stylus to the paper. I gently drag the "Crystal Effects" along the image. You can also use the traditional method using the opening of the bottle. But for the most part mine is always gummed up and I would like the extra fine detail option.

 I also use the paper piercing tool from Stampin'Up to pierce the "Wild Wasabi" paper strip. I love this little tool and guide they are priceless to me. I would never get things to look so accurate. Without it not even if I had drawn a straight line would it look as good. I also just purchased the "Classy Brass Template"( Punches Plus) it works perfect with the "Stampin'Up" paper punches. It's a little spendy but I won't have to think about piercing a perfect circle or any other shape it will save time and heart ache.

                                      Side view with pop-ups and greeting. I only added the 
                                      crystal effects to half of the phrase to give a little interest.

when I unfolded this card It looked like a perfect little scrapbook page. I think a black and white photo would complement it best.  The measurements on this page are 6x6.


Carol Dunstan said...

this is gorgeous!

Marie-Claude Bastien said...

Hi there! Great card, I love all the details!

Mary said...

This is a gorgeous card! I love how you used the circle punch on the flowers! I love the look and will have to use it!

Sankari W. said...

oh my goodness!!! what a stunning card - i absolutely love the circles with the flowers and how you popped the circles to add dimension! wow - i just love it !!! love love love it!
best wishes,

Jean said...

Love love love this card Brooke. A wonderful way to use this set which is a Level 2 Hostess set in our catalogue now. What a great idea to circle punch out the flower image! I admire all your work.

Anthonette said...

Very nice! I love your style. I love my Stamp-a-ma-jig too. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I'm adding you to the list of blogs I will check on a regular basis.

travelingmama said...

This is absolutely gorgeous! Love all the fine details!

savitri said...

Wow, amazing job you did!!!! GREAT, GREAT card!!!

Tamara Follett said...

I love it--Nice job!

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