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you improve not only the world around you but also the world within you"

Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Back to school


Have I ever told you that I have an addiction to school supplies... It's true I {LOVE} clean and new supplies.. New CRAYONS are my favorite.. I will only buy CRAYOLA brand.. I have a hoard of them in my office closet.. I love to give crayons as gifts as well.. When I was little I think on of the coolest gifts I ever received was a box of 120 crayons with a sharpener on the back... I really didn't want to share...

Andrew is a Junior this year Spencer is in 8th grade.
Abbie is in 6th grade...

Zach will start Kindergarten next week... How sad is that... Where did the time go.. We were just dying last night as we talked about how fast the kids have grown up. And how in the world are we old enough to have kids almost done with school... We must be young at heart to feel so young still.

Andrew is playing Football again this year. Spencer just finished Swim team and Abbie is about to start a new competition dance team in a week... so get your game on we are about to get crazy again..

This year is huge for our family we are in public school. We have been in charter for years and with lots of prayer and though we decided to go public. The kids were so excited to not wear uniforms this year. We had a great time school shopping and getting new wardrobes for school.. Abbie will ride her bike to school or walk with friends. Andrew and Spencer can take the school bus. And I think I will let Abbie of the hook and take Zach every day. He is the king of distraction.. We have 2 parks in our neighborhood that he WILL get distracted by to and from school... Besides... He's my baby and you know...

So what will I do with my self while they are at school? STAMP! Well maybe.. I will have to shower and clean the house... And last night I actually joined the PTA(totally not my thing I like to just be in the class room) and signed up for loads of volunteer hours at the school.. Not a big deal really we had to give lots of volunteer hours to be a part of the charter school. The best part about being at the school... You really get to know the kids that your children are friends with. And see what is going on in the classroom...

Best of Luck to you all for a good school year.


I really wish that I could keep the kids home for ever.. I really hate it when summer is over :(


Sylvia Nelson said...

Hi Brooke, I have missed your posts on the card challenges. No KW challenge. Saw your name on Tina's blog and thought I would stop by. You have a great group starting back to school. It is one of my favorite times to celebrate. My grandson started Pre-K. When I called it Pre Kindergarten, he said"Nana, it is Pre-K". It brought back memories of my children starting school for the first time. Gotta go! Come by and see me! Sylvia

Meredith said...

Uhhg! My oldest daughter turns five September 6th so I get to keep her home one more year. I am already having palpitations about her starting school.

Those are some good looking kiddos!

Julie Davison said...

The kids look great, all ready for school! It's hard to tell from the photo -- are they all red-heads? My husband and son have red hair and I just love it!

Brooke S said...

All 3 are reds.... My kindergarten baby is NOT... He is the odd mad out .LOL

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