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you improve not only the world around you but also the world within you"

Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge #45- "Sixteen Candles"

This week at "Cinema Saturday Challenge" We are enjoying the "80's"
I am a child of the "80's" and wore Guess jeans, pink pants with multiple pockets, leg warmers, real Moon boots, and roller skated to Olivia John you get the picture. I still love "80's" movies and music. When I thought of the challenge requirement This came to mind:

What would a book about how to be a Preppy be with out a plaid cover...

You know you all made there barrettes in ever color you could ever want.. I know I did..
I searched for the pink and green "Sporto" Duck shoes... no luck.. I think my mom still has a pair of these for gardening..

The Ultimate men foot wear from the 80's Boat shoes... You never know when you might need skid grips(as my DH calls them) especially for those of us who DON'T live on a yacht.

Just a little cake for the birthday girl who thought everyone had forgot all about here..

As I was viewing this movie I just started laughing, Here are just a few things that made me giggle.
Long Duck Dong, Head Gears, Braces, Haircuts, Michael Anthony Hall, Nerds, Preppy's, Menstrual Cramps.

I couldn't not do a card inspired from this movie and not use pink and green... I also had to add a little over the top big bow and jewelry. I really should have added a little Duck or Lacoste alligator "but you know like"..... it might "totally" look lame... like don't you know.

I totally missed my mojo layout these last few weeks so I couldn't resist.

Like I totally hope you all enjoyed this movie..



scrapperjulia said...

I love this card! I love the pinks with the little touch of green. I am a child of the 60/70's but my kids are children of the 80's so I bought all of that stuff;)

Kathy said...

Cute card! Dh and I just caught this movie on TV recently--it's definitely one of our all time favs!

Scrappinwendi said...

"What's Happenin Hot Stuff?" LOL!
Love this movie and your card is so stinkin cute or Awesome Sauce as our girls would say!

Sankari W. said...

OMG - like - this is totally like AMAZING!!! like I love all the sweet beautiful pink and like - OMG - it is so totally Rad!!!!

(okay - I think my 80's speak is a little rusty - but what I was trying to say is that I LOVE your card - so beautiful!!!!)

So glad that you and your Mac-y are back!!! Sending you big hugs!!!
S :)

Linda McClain said...

Oh wow, you so nailed the spirit of the movie! I love it. Great movie, too.

Maureen said...

this is over the top fabulous!! the ribbon and bow treatment is divine!! It made me say "wow!" out loud in my studio!! :)

Barefootstamper said...

LOL -- I actually do remember the original Preppy Handbook, but I had forgotten the braided hair clips - we used to make them in school colors for football games! LOL, man oh man -- I'm getting OLD>>>>

Really super fun challenge this week!

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