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Saturday, October 10, 2009

CSCC#53 Elizabeth: The Golden Age

Come join us this week for and create a project inspired by the Movie
"Elizabeth: The Golden Age"

Don't forget to visit Sankari and see her AMAZING card it will knock your stockings off.

This week our Guest Designer is Beverly you can check out here clever card inspired by King Henry VIII Elizabeths father..

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.

Fit for a Queen.

Royal inspiration

So glad you joined me this week for our challenge over at Cinema Saturday... This week we are presenting the movie "Elizabeth the Golden Age" ...

For the challenge this week I decided to make a piece of jewelry inspired by the Queen. So instead of cutting scoring paper I was digging through my gems and findings then polishing silver.. I really enjoyed making this piece. I decided to include a little angle to watch over the queen as she make decisions for her country... It wouldn't be royal if it didn't include gems and precious metal.

I Love all things British... A few years back we were able to spend almost 3 week in Great Britain with our dearest friends.. We went from the top of Scotland to Lands End England... One of my favorite stops was in London was the "Tower of London" what amazing treasures they have their.. Displayed there is the Armor of Queen Elizabeth's(Golden Age) Father King Henry VIII armor it is so HUGE in many ways lol... Lets just say her thought a lot about his family jewels and wanted to make sure they were protected. They also house the Crown Jewels, Medieval Palace, The White Tower, The Tower Green were Were King Henery VIII's Wives, Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard were Beheaded. Queen Elizabeths love Sir Walter Ralegh was also imprisoned there in the Bloody tower for 13 years. If you want to see even more great thing from this and older time periods this is a MUST visit...

King Henry VIII and his armor

View from the outside of the Tower.

The tower of London.. Tower Bridge is in the background.. Most people think that this is London Bridge.. As in the London Bridge in the Nursery Rhyme... Truth London Bridge is really just a plain old bridge.. It doesn't have such a grand scale of look as does the Tower Bridge.

I can't wait to see what you all come up with... Please join us this week and create a project inspired my the movie:
Elizabeth:" The Golden Age"

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Nancy K said...

I love, love your pendant!! I've been wanting to do some stamped jewelry -this may be the inspiration I needed!! Your post was great too -I would so love to go to GB.
Hope you are feeling better soon!!!
Hugs & chicken soup!

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