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you improve not only the world around you but also the world within you"

Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge #69 Dan in Real Life

Happy Weekend everyone.. Hope you are all having a great day... Thanks for joining us today for the Cinema Saturday Challenge..
This weeks movie is a great one so be sure to join us and create a project inspired by this weeks movie.

If you are wondering what this card has to do with the movie?? Let me tell you.. It's only one of my favorite line from the movie...

Mitch: I swear, the minute I saw her I felt like I was in the room with an angel.
Dan: This corn is like an angel.

Dan is just so love sick that he can't help himself shortly his mother banned him to dish duty ALONE to chill out...
Welcome to one of my favorite movies girlies... I actually wouldn't watch this movie for quite a long time... Because of Steve Carell.. I just going to say it.. I don't really care for the t.v. program "The Office" It's painful to watch... My Sweetheart ordered this movie on Netflicks and so I consented and YA!! I was in for a great surprise... This movie has a great case JulietteBinoche is so Beautiful. You will really enjoy this movie I promise.. It is so easy to relate to wether you are married or not, have kids/teens or even sibling.. This movie has great Family dynamic in this movie..

If you have ever really listened to the music on my blog... Where words out loads of my music is from the soundtrack from this movie.. Sondre Lerche music is so up-beat an fun to listen to..

Paper~ Graphic-45, Websters paper, Stampin' Up
Ink~ Stampin' Up
Corn~ Paper piecing (me)
Ribbon ~ Unknown
Adhesive ~ Stampin' Up
Vellum~ Stampin' Up
Green Velvet Leafs
Lable Punch~ Stampin' Up

Thanks for stopping By


Kathy said...

Brooke great card and GREAT movie! I am a fan of this movie also. So many little moments of sweet mixed in with humor. Your design is so fun. Love your ear of corn, great addition to your beautiful card!

samara Rachel Navi said...

Hey there sweetiepups, I am SO there with you about Steve Carell (sp)...but I have to keep the faith in the CS Goddess - correct? So I take a breath and download the creepo and pray I love him when it is all said and done - haha!!! I do tho' however LOVE your card! The cob of corn looks yummy delicious...buttery infact! The way you assembled it is fantastic...the timeless elements together - very cool. OK, you know me - blah blah blah...but all with love! xox Samara

Laural-Lee said...

Love your angel corn!!! Made me laugh :) Great collage of elements.

I myself don't like the office either (I think it's the camera angles) but I really think Steve Carell is able to pull of realistic characters because of his awkwardness.

mimi said...

Hi Brooke,
This is my first time to visit your blog. My friend forwarded it to me this morning and said I just had to check it out. She bought me this movie for my birthday and I must say I LOVED IT!! Everything about it :) The story is so sweet and I loved the music so much that I bought the soundtrack. I too must admit I am not a fan of Steve Carell so I was very pleasantly surprised when I watched it.
I really enjoyed my visit to your blog and this very clever blog post. I am sure to be back for many more visits. Have a wonderful weekend :)

Nancy K said...

This card is so pretty and witty!
Love your collage style...it kind of reminds me of those vintage produce boxes and ads. Love those!!

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