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Saturday, March 20, 2010

cinema Saturday Creative Challenge #71 "13 going on 30"


The movie 13 going on 30 focuses on a young teenage girl by the name of Jenna Rink who suffers a humiliating thirteenth birthday and makes a wish to skip ahead to when she is thirty years old. Through the magic of some wishing dust her wish comes true. The movie then transports us to a thirty-year-old Jenna with the exception that she is only still thirteen on the inside but doesn't remember anything since her thirteenth birthday. She soon realizes that her thirty-year-old self has everything that she wanted when she was younger, such as a cool apartment, a fabulous wardrobe, and a dream job. Jenna soon realizes that even though she has everything she could ever want when she was younger, there is still something missing. Without her best friend from 1987, she gets her assistant to track down Matt. To her dismay she learns that her and Matt have been estranged since high school and that Matt is now engaged. When Jenna shows up at Matt's wedding, he gives Jenna back the dream house that she once through at him during her thirteenth birthday. Jenna leaves to find out that the wishing dust still works because we are then pulled back to the past to see a different story. Jenna tells off the girl she once wanted to be like and runs up the stairs with Matt to find that their getting married as there adult selves. Written by Anonymous (taken from Imdb.com)

13 Going on 30 movie Trailer

If you were a child of the 80's as was I. I even graduated from High school in the 80's. Just thinking of all the music, colors, shapes, cloths and movies of course makes me giggle.. I remember dying to have Guess pants with a million pockets in pink of course. Jelly shoes, Big scarfs and bows, leg warners, moon boots(the real one that are HUGE not the Napoleon dynamite kind), sweater that we wore backwards so the V-shape was in the back and all the Jelly bracelets thanks to MaDonna and by the way isn't she still wearing them.. Speaking of MaDonna I read that she and her daughter are launching a new clothing line inspired by the "Material Girl" style.. So get ready for even more ridiculous retro cloths. And who can forget the dance that was re-created in this movie "Thriller". When this music video came out our choice teacher got a copy and showed it to us... My oldest had a retro week at school so for the 80's day he borrowed my "Sony Walkman" to carry around for the day and choose a few cassette tapes from my collection. We could go on for ever... LOL

I know you are thinking what!! you still have those!!! But really who would want or buy them.. There Cassettes. For a good giggle click on the picture and read the titles.. Most of these titles I would NEVER listed to again like
Whitney Houston, Miami Sound Machine etc YUCK! But I do have a few classics that people still listed to like U-2...

hirteen going on 30's Official Home page has great little "80's" activities you can do. From getting your horoscope, to printing off invitations for an "80's" party of your own... I even found a little inspiration for my card there with the magic 8-ball.. You can even ask the 8-ball questions and like get like an "80's" answer... You can find it here.

The glitter on the 30 was inspired my the magic wishing dust that Matt gave Jenna for her 13 birthday..

So this sketch would qualify for Julee's Mojo sketch I took a picture with and with out the triangle in the corner.. I did add the triangle to the final card so I could add even one more geometric shape for our Cinema Saturday challenge.. I also think it balances out the card. I really like it with and with out. What do you think? Let me know...

Can't wait for another "80's" movie...

Share you favorite "80's" memory or if you are not old enough to remember share what you think was the funniest things about the "80's"

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Paper~ SU
Ink~ SU
Punces SU and EK Success
Ribbon~ Un know
Sticker letters~ Provo Craft
Glitter glue~
Crystal Effects ~ SU


Maureen said...

this is perfect, Brooke...it wasn't an award winning movie, but it sure was fun...I hope to play...how can I stay away from all those fun colours?

Sankari W. said...

Love your card dearest Brooke! The colors are FUN-tastic! I think my favorite 80's memory is dancing outside in the warm summer rain to Whitney Houston's song "I wanna dance with somebody" at my friend's 13th birthday party :))) those were such fun times!!! Love your card girlie!!
Big hugs!
Sankari :)

Julie Davison said...

I still have my cassette tapes too!! I was young, but I fondly remember the 80's. I remember wanting a fingerless glove so badly! My mom finally cut the fingers off a winter stretch glove to satisfy me! I didn't realize this movie was an 80's throwback flick. I'll have to rent it!

Libby Hickson said...

Such a FUN card Brooke, and a fun post! I'm definitely a child of the 80s too! :-)

Anonymous said...

Tammy, I love this card. I love how you played with the girly colors and then added the funky shapes to make an amazing design. This card just tickles the eyes with excitement! Love it!!

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