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Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Friday, July 9, 2010

Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge #87 ~ The Holiday

MY Card inspired by the movie.

Who doesn't need a little Christmas in July..

I used the oval nest abilities to frame the cottage. Then added Martha Stewart Snow for a little extra detail.

The short and long of it all~ Two girls who have men trouble.... Swap homes. One in the US and the other in England. They each meet local guy to fall in love with.

I LOVE the movie "The Holiday" What a phenomenal cast.. I had only been home from England for a short while when this movie came out.. What torture this was. Our sweet friend was visiting from England and wanted to go to this movie... Twist my arm... What fun we had... When I was thinking about what to make the little cottage that IRIS lived in came to mind. So I just had to use this little cottage stamp from Stampin' Up. So much happens inside and out of this little cottage. Snow was a huge part of the humor in this movie.. I can just picture Amanda slipping and sliding on the snow in her high heels. Or Iris crying her guts out over a huge looser named Jasper... My favorite part of the England half of the movie is the Gorgeous house that Graham owns( I WANT IT!!) and the beautiful children he has.. Mister Napkin Head is such a sweet highlight... My Favorite part of the US half of the movie is the trio of Iris, Arthur and Miles.. I love how Iris and Miles fall for each other over their genuine admiration for Arthur. I love watching their relationship/friendship grow... Everyone deserves to find their perfect match. The one who loves to watch the same movies, vacation the same place, encourages you to be your best etc...

I hope you all enjoy this weeks movie. Have fun with a little CHRISTMAS IN JULY!!



Amy said...

I absolutely love this movie!! I am going to try and make time to do a card for this challenge. I have also left you a blog award on my blog.

Amy ♥

corinnesomerville said...

I LOVE this movie too !!!!!!! Ahhhh.....such a great mushy movie that just made ya feel good watchin' it !!!

Okay...do I love this card???? HECK YEAH !!!!! WOWZA !!! As always...amazing my sweet friend !

Love ya!

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