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Friday, July 23, 2010


Just so you all SU Friends know.... I miss you all to death.. I had no idea that I would be thinking about convention all day long every day... HAVE SOME FUN FOR ME...

My sweet "SU~FRIENDS FOREVER" group.
The coolest ladies you will EVER meet.. They are some of the most gracious people ever.. It's so fun to chat on-line and feel the love... MISS YOU ALL!

My sweet friend Julie that I still get to see :) We carpooled last year and had sooooo much fun chatting and hanging out together. If you love the card displays thank Julie she helped put them together. Can't wait to see you soon... She even picked my up a couple little goodies what a SWEET friend... MISS HANDING OUT at Convention with you!!!! LOVE YOU JULES... She and here daughter share a special day with me.. Their b-day and my Anniversary.. We even ran into each other at one of our favorite restaurants... We are going to the restaurant next week together.. I CAN'T WAIT...
And sweet Dianne who I never get to see. I really loved hanging out with her. I didn't know here very well until last year.. Wish I was hanging out with you this year... :(

Sweet Megan Who lives in Utah (YAHOO!) that I meet from Kristina Werner's color challenge.. I don't have a picture of you ASHLEY VAN CAMP the cutest Artisan Award finalist(they should have pick you for a winner!!!) I understand.. YAHOO!

Here is MEGAN.

My CATTY CREW girls :) Who I NEVER get to see..
Connie Collins, Becky Roberts, Me, and Angie Tieman..
Connie was a finalist last year for the artisan award. She also had the cutest southern accent EVER. Check out her Blog for Great project. I have borrowed a few of here Christmas projects that's for sure..You can find her here. Connie is so very talented stop by and say hi.. Becky is the purse queen. This chicka is Always coming up with the newest and latest trends... You can even buy here amazing tutorials to make your own... She is my inspiration and I will NEVER live up to her ambitious PTA assignment. I don't have it in me... She will make it hard for who ever follows her. The Teachers at her son's grade school are so LUCKY to have a year of cards and gifts made by her... Check them out on her blog..
Angie and I fist meet from Kristina's color challenge.. I have always been in ahhhhhhhhh of her talent and style. I love her modern take on her cards. She always leaves me the sweetest messages as well... Angie was an ARTISAN AWARD last year.. Sure wish I could have a face to face chat with here again soon.... I would love to have my kiddos have her for a school teacher.. Can you imaging the art projects.... WOWERS! You can find her here..

Cute Kim who I meet through Becky.. This chicka is so stylish... And so sweet! And did I mention she LOVE black and white... Zebra style... My little Zach collects Zebra's as well... We just added another one last week on out trip to the zoo. check out her cute blog here.

Both Roxy(corinne) and I are missing this year... She has a MUCH better excuse that I... One of her beautiful daughters is getting married in 3 weeks!!! How exciting... Her daughter is one lucky girl to have such a talented mum how would take the time to make such fabulous things for her wedding like hand embossed napkins. You have to check out her blog and follow all the cool details... HAPPY WEDDING DAY! Sending blessings your way.
Roxy is so down to earth and genuine if you read her blog you will fell like you are an old friend.. She is SOOOO ADORABLE...

Melanie(ONE OF MY FAVORITES EVER!!!) Mel made my first and ever sense with SU the best.. Thanks for taking be under you wing. Mel works for SU she put together all the card displays with other cute girls. She has to work convention this year so if you see her say hi from me :) LOVE YA. And SWEET Daphne who is one of the kindest ladies you will ever meet.. She is to thoughtful she always sends me birthday cards... FROM HAWAII.... Daphne just moved back to the states...
(we were make and take helpers.. Last year had a Christmas theme)
Cute little Bev... I met Bev through Kristina's color challenge as well.. And what fun to meet this cute little gal at convention a few years back.. You can't tell I am totally bending down.. She is like 5" feet and I am 5"10 ish... Love you girl.. check her out here.
AND I am always in AHHH of the Queen.. Patty is so dang COOL. If I lived in the bay area I would join one of her stamp groups... The first year I met Patty I was star struck... I got up the nerve to introduce my self to her swap card she had posted.. I gave her one of my swaps and she even let me get a picture with her.. Later she hunted me down and gave me one of hers.. That totally made my day!!! This picture is not our first together and I look like a dork but I had to just show this picture of her smile... She ALWAYS looks this happy.. MISS YOU PATTY.

Pam is so cool... She has GREAT up-line get together. She is my up-line. We get to stamp together at here house a couple time a year. But his year I have been so busy I haven't been able to go. Not even last week when she was having a cram for convention get together... Hope all goes well for you in your presentation. You are always so fun to watch.... Pam thanks for thinking of me last year. What an honor to get invited to become a designer for SU. You totally ROCKED my world.... I Wish it could have all worked out so I could see you more.. What a blessing you gave to me to go through the interview process and get to be in the inner sanctum.. I loved with all my heart the panel interview.. I grew so much. I was so fun putting my resume in order and creating all the projects. I know that sound weird but it was sooooo fun.. I just couldn't do Full time... It wasn't meant to be.

There are SOOOO many amazing stampers/friends that I don't have picture with that I would LOVE to post... Like the Cutest Angela McKay We meet swapping cards... She had to coolest pirate card EVER! It's still one of my favorites I have ever swapped..
Check her out here.

Stay tuned because my list will keep growing I an sure as I think of you all fondly..

HUGS to you all




Angela McKay, Stampin' Up Demonstrator, #1 Rising Star Canada 2008/2009 said...

You are too cute! Your work is sooo AMAZING and I'm flattered that you would even take the time to look at my blog. I miss u too! I'm not there either... decided that it was best to stay home this year and it's a good thing... both boys have the Chicken Pox:( I will never miss it again though, like you... it's all I've thought about! Leadership?

Patty Bennett said...

Thanks for the sweet shout out... missed you this year!! hugs, Patty

Megan said...

I missed seeing you this year too! Congrats on your win! ;)

corinnesomerville said...

BWAHHHHHHHH !!!!!!! You made me cry !!!! I didn't think I would miss being at convention as much as I did !! I think what I missed the most was being to see everyone and hugging them all !!! I miss you so much sweetie !!!
Kevin said maybe we could get there next for convention....will you be there !!!???? I hope so...

Love ya!

Angie Tieman said...

Awww, good memories in there!

Inking Idaho said...

Oh my goodness Brooke, I haven't blog hopped in forever and looky here...all the buddies back together! I missed you so this year! Thanks for the wonderful and heartfelt posting. See you next year?? Hope so!
Super hugs,

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