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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Stampin' Up Artisan Award "09" Entry Easter Basket Tutorial

Happy Easter Weekend everone.. I wanted to share a FREE tutorial with you all for Easter...

Last I entered the Stampin' Up Artisan Award contest and all my projest were on display except 2. One being my bell jar will butterflies and flowers.. Some one of the big wigs fell in love with it at the S.U. Headquarters and had to have it for their desk... You can see a picture of it here. Sure wish I got to keep it I think it was pretty amazing... Glad they liked it... And the second thing that was not on display was this cute Easter Basket..(due to the fact it had chocolate carrots and all the hot light would melt it... RATS!! Hope you enjoy this projest... If you don't get to it intime for Easter not worries you can alter it to fit any season.. Keep your eyes open for great after Easter sales I got these Lindt Carrots for 75% off at Walgreens... HELLO...

Here is a picture of the carrots in it's original state... Yellow and borring.. Below I will show you a jazzed up version.

Step 1 : disacemble the origional package and trace it to get the proper dimensions.
Step 2 : deside how tall you want the new box to be and adjust the patter you have drawn add 1/8 in. all the way around the the fold marks/base of box so the old box can fit inside the new one you are creating. Use a different color marker so you know which color box you will use for your final template. As seen above. The pink uses the new dimensions..

Step 3: Fit the original package with carrots in the new outer box to see the fit.

Check hight of carrots in the box to make sure you are happy with the amount to carrots showing.
Here is the new outer box assembled.. You will notice below that I changed my to Close to Coco to look more like dirt.

Step 4 : Re-create the box in close to coco to look more like dirt.
Step 5: Assemble using sticky strip
Step 6 : Check fit of new box.

Step 7 : I used the same base with original dimensions for the dirt template in Close to Coco so the carrots can rest in a patch of dirt. By using the original dimensions this will allow the dirt to set inside your new box.

Step 8 : I wanted to carrots to be able to stand up straight and also line up with the original box. I made the top layer(dirt) hole smaller than the original. Sense my circle punch wouldn't reach this far in I made a template with the original hole seen to the right and traced them on the finished dirt and made the circle just smaller than the original hole.

Step 9 : To create a hole that had a little grab I used an craft knife to cut lines as if you were cutting a pizza then pushed all the wedges from the top finished side to the inside of the box. Now when you insert the carrot it will help balance it with the original box holes.

Step 10 : Assemble box using stick strip.

Step 11: Check the fit in for both boxes.

Step 12: Make the slats.. I found a patten paper that was perfect for a this project to alternate the patter of the wood slats but you can use any paper you wish.. I cut where the pattern intersected but you can adjust the slats to work with the paper you use.
Step 13 : Round the top corners of each wood slat.
Step 14 : Ink the sides of each slat with color of your choice.
Step 15: Cut a 1/4 in strip of paper, ink it up like the wood slats and attach all the way around the box as seen below.. I cut a piece of grass out ahead of time to make sure I like the placement of the wood slats. The grass was not permanently attached.. You can see I even change my mined on the color later. When you are happy with the hight of the slats you can trim off the edge of one then measure and cut all the slate in advance.
Step 16 : Make a pencil mark where the top of the original box is on the outer box and measure the hight. This is how far you will cut the blades of grass. Seen in step 18.

Step 17 : Use the original measurements of the box to get the hight of the grass needed. use the measurements from step 16 to mark how far dow to cut each blade of grass I used my paper trimmer and cut each blade 1/8 in. Then cut the glass blades a different angle by hand. Finish off with ink to help all the blades stand out.

Step 18 : Adhere grass to inside of new outside box with sticky strip.

Step 19: Using the Crop-a-dile hand tool to punch a whole in the side and set the Jumbo Eyelet using this tool as well.

Step 20 : Put stick strip around the outside of the paper dirt piece and put inside the box push side into the paper dirt so the stick strip will attach.
Step 21: Bend and arrange the grass to have a life like quality.
Step 23: Form a handle for your basket. With a strip of paper about 1.5 in" start to wrap around a large marker to help give a cylinder shape that will overlap. I used my Versa-Marker. You can trim of the excess when you have the shaper you like. The extra length gives you something to pull on for shaping.

Step 24 : Attack Stick Strip to the inside of one edge. Remove tape and use a 1/2 in " circle to use as a temple for desired size.
Step 25 : cut to small holes using your 1/8th in" hand held circle punch. Then center the two holes and punch a 1/2 in"circle punch. These will be the sides of the handle.

Step 26 : Lightly dot glue on the edges of the cylinder and add the circle and let dry.
Step 27: When dry add a little Close to Coco ink to give life to the handle.
Step 28 : String the handle on desired length of wire like a bead. I used a mini glue dot on both ends applied to the wire by sliding it into the 1/8 in" with a paper piercing tool and slid the handle to the desired spot to help hold in place.
Step 29: String wire in both ends centering the handle and finishing the edges with pliers.
Step 30: Place all the Yummy carrots in the newly made basket.Step 31 : Create a fitting tag for the basket.

Last: ENJOY!!!


Angie Tieman said...

This project is the CUTEST ever!! Thanks for sharing the detailed tutorial, you should have won with this!!

Beate said...

Oh my goodness! This project looks incredible! Wonderful instructions, gorgeous pictures!
Happy Easter!
Hugs and smiles

Sankari W. said...

HAPPPPPPY BIRRRTHDAY BROOKE!!!!! Hope your day is simply the best!!! LOVE YOUUUUUU!!!!
And Brooke this is seriously amaaaaaaaazzzzzzzinggggg!!! I can't believe this amazing tutorial that you created and your project is just toooo YUMMY and delicious!!!

Sending you all my love and hugs - wish I could celebrate with you!!!
big hugs,

grammie jackie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROOKE!! I wish you a great day.

Thanks for the fantastic tutorial. All the details are so great to have.

Shari said...

I love it Brooke! Love your creativity!

Shari said...


Brooke S said...

Thanks for the Birthday Wishes.. You are all my favorite :)

Betty aka ZacksNana said...

Congrats! And Happy Birthday sweet lady!!!

Shazia Wall said...

Cutest basket EVER!
I hear it was your Birthday Brooke.. hope you had the great day. Happy Birthday!

Tethered2Home said...

Incredible project, Brooke.

Happy, happy, belated! One year shy of 40 is good ... I think we're only a few weeks apart. Next year we can both laugh/cry over the big one ;)

diane (cookiestamper) said...

very sweet project! congrats!

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