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you improve not only the world around you but also the world within you"

Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge #74- UP

What a sweet movie this is.... When shy Carl meet spunky Ellie he had now idea how much his life would change... It became the adventure of a life time.... From the first pinning of the "Ellie badge" Carl was part of a life long friendship. In the end the encouraging words Ellie wrote to Carl in the her Adventure book help him to change his life and reach out to change a life of another...

When Carl Lost the Love of his life he just couldn't move on. Carl decided to take his WHOLE house with him.. Little did he know that the little 8 year old wilderness scout Russell was a stowaway. These to are quite the odd couple on this little adventure.. Russell drives Carl nuts just my being his 8 year old self. They find a few little companion along the way.. Kevin a mother bird becomes their mission. The gang is trying to help Kevin back to her baby birds when her hunter shows up and just another adventure begins... To find our how this movie end you will just have to watch it... It's just a sweet reminder of how much we need others in our life....

My inspiration of HOME

Not to hard to see where I got my inspiration from.

If you want to see how this amazing artist works check it out here...

This movie boasts lots of movie greats...

The voice of Russell( Jordan Nagai) is so adorable... You can't help but love him from the start.

For a kid friendly interaction with this movie you can check out the official "UP" website.. here.

Don't miss this movie.. It's a family favorite.

Come play with us this week on Cinema Saturday you can join us here.

Check out Sankari's project inspired by the movie here.



Tethered2Home said...

Gorgeous clear embossing on the balloons. So beautiful, Brooke.

Julie Davison said...

What a fun card! And a great movie for inspiration! This week isn't as hectic as last week and I hope to play along!

Anonymous said...

Brooke, this is amazing. I am LOVIN' that little house of yours..bravo! What a fun movie to highlight. You always amaze me with your BROOKE style..classy and top notch!! HUGS

Maureen said...

Amazing, Brooke!!! This is perfect for the movie!!! This was so sweet...I'm so glad I got to watch it before making my card :) I loved the beginning when they first meet and Ellie's talking a mile a minute...South America...it's like America, but South. OMGoodness...soo funny. I love all your balloons :)

Anonymous said...

So wishing I could have played along this week. This movie is so fun to imagine and design around. I was out of town the first part of the week and have yet to catch up!!

Your comments were to fun to read on my blog. Thank you. Your comment about your boy growing up fast sure does hit home. Gosh, time just flies. I was looking at my almost 15 year old today and thought, wow..he is such a young man now, my little boy is gone. Boys are so wonderful, he still does things that are just so sweet..I just have to act like I don't notice. HUGS to you sweet Brooke!!

Smiles, Laurie said...

I love your balloons! Fantastic!
and I love the movie, so I'm so glad you highlighted it! I think it is such a wonderful movie.
Your blog is lovely!

Connie Collins said...

OMG...this card is incredible. You could not have done anything more perfect. I loved the movie but thought it was too much of a tearjerker for a kids movie. I cried as much as I laughed. I guess I am just an old softie.

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