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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge #73 - Sense and Sensibility

More that one of us did live "Happily ever After"
read to the end to find out who!

This is one of our sneak peek photos.. We took this picture when we were visiting our friends in Devon, England.. Lucky us they new a few about a few of the sights that the movie was filmed at. This is the church they filmed the wedding scene at in the end of the movie..

Card inspired by the movie ~ Sense and Sensibility
Ok those of you who know me know I {HEART} period movies....

I love the costume of this time period... The colors and wall papers are simple but elegant as well. When I saw this pattern paper I new I would be a perfect match for color and design for my card.. I then though I needed a simple but elegant ribbon to represent some of the activities like hat haberdashery(hat making) and needle work ladies would do all day if they were privileged. Finished by a simple but elegant button that might be found on there clothing or shoes.

So I was over the moon to make a card inspired by the movie
"Sense and Sensibility". I really relate to a mix of two characters from this movie, Elinor and Marianne Dashwood.. Just like Elinor Dashwood I was the oldest of 4 girls, always did the right thing and was reliable and dependable. I even have a few little trinkets that I have held onto that belonged or were given by somebody special.. But as I get older I find the same qualities with the addition of new qualities like the spunk of Ms Marianne.. I usually speak my mine. I was really reserved and shy when I was younger. But with Life experience I think I have learn how to stand up for my self and just try to not let others opinions bother us.. Not saying that always works. But it's defiantly easier when you are older and more comfortable in your own skin. I admire Ms Marianne for her determination to love deeply and follow her heart. But my heart aches to see her in such despair from lost love.

I love the formality of this time period. The respect that men and woman had for each other. The proper courting and engagements. Men standing up when a woman walks in and out of a room. Men that wear something other than t-shirts and jeans (my men). I am sure that is really was not as romantic as it all appears in the period movie.. And the hygiene has was nothing like modern times. But a girl can dream and live in here own Jane Austen world can't see.

This movie has such an amazing cast...
Emma Thompson
Kate Winslet
Hugh Grant
Gemma Jones
Alan Rickman

I have to admit I though I know a lot about this movie and the actors in it. but I found this little revelation a surprise...

Mr Willoughby married Ms Dashwood in real life..
Just not the Ms Dashwood you were thinking...

It really is a funny story about how they came together.. Click here to read more.

I hope you all enjoy one of my all time movies.
Thanks for stopping by

Enjoy the show.

Happy Birthday to my sweet little daughter that turned 12 today... Daddy took us out for our birthday dinner last night at the Cheesecake Factory. My birthday is on Monday and I am not even close to 12.... Try just one year short of 40!!! Yikes!!!


Maureen said...

What a gorgeous card, Brooke!! That ribbon is so perfect over the lovely damask card :) The picture of you and your girl is so sweet... and Happy Early birthday :) 40 "ain't" so bad...I have 4 years experience with it!! Hugs!!! and Happy Easter :)

Beate said...

Brooke, your card is beautiful!
Happy birthday to your girl! Funny! Both my and my girls birthdays are in April as well! Reba will hit 11 and I...let's just say my birthday number isn't in the thirties anymore!
Have a wonderful Easter weekend!
Hugs and smiles

Amy said...

Wonderful card!! I am reading this book right now and I am a Jane Austen addict....er....I mean fan. LOL I am for sure going to have to make a card this week for the challenge. Happy Birthday to you and your daughter.

Barbara said...

That is one beautiful card. That button just sends over the top! Happy Birthday to you and your daughter!!

Angie Tieman said...

I LOVE this movie, seen it dozens of times! Lucky you, getting to see sites from the movie! Your card is gorgeous, so perfect! Thanks for the info on Emma too, I did not know that!

Radha said...

U r 40???
Hey that is soooooooo young:))

Glad that we have a B L O G ___ L I V E :)) all of us:))

CHEERS my lady Happy BD!!!

Charleybrown said...

Just happened to stumble onto your blog and you definitely got my attention with S&S, one of my fave films ever! I love the cards that you make for your film posts - adorable!

Nancy K said...

Okay, so I'm a little behind...nothing new there! LOL!
I hope you had a wonderful birthday Brooke! May all your wishes come true. :)
Btw, your card is absolutely beautiful, captures the movie's essence!

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