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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge - #17 The Princess Bride & 2sketches4you

When I was a Senior in high school 20(choking) years ago... I was in a women's ensemble. We were practicing for a little barbershop number using canes and hats... I know corny... anyway my girlfriend raised and pointed her sword(cane) toward me and said these famous words to me: "Hello my name is Inigo Montoya you killed my father prepare to die" I totally had not clue what she was talking about.. So She explained to me all about a movie call "The Princess Bride" and that was pretty much history... We had many swords fights that spring as we rehearsed for our spring showcase...

When I married my sweetie pie this was one of his favorite movies and now one of our children's favorite movies.. I think I watched this movie 3 times in a row while I was making cards yesterday. "Inconceivable" but true. I even watched the extra features and Mandy Patinkin boobs like a baby.. He just couldn't believe he was part of such an amazing movie it's really cute. He was so happy bless his heart... In the interview he say "I asked Rob Reiner what he thought this move was really all about and he told me: 
"The most important thing in life is true love".

Inspired by ~LOVE~

I'm a first timer on this challenge... But I have been stalking this challenge 4~ever.... I just had to put it at the top of my to-do list.. I will be back for more. I really had a great time playing along.. I really enjoy the style of card that are being done over at this challenge.. Thanks Laura and Kazan..

With the new reals of "The Princess Bride" a while back this was the jacket cover.. The title on the cover is SO COOL!!! The artist who designed the cover is a genius.. The title reads Princess Bride wether you view the sunrise of the blue sky... 

Come join us in and challenge your creativity. We would love to have you.


Carol Dunstan said...

Love your card Brooke... love the colours, and that set is a fave of mine. I think you have captured the sentiment well :)

And I love that cover! I've never seen it like that before! The way the title is written is fantastic!

Kelly Lunceford said...

This is gorgeous, brooke! I just wanted to pop by and say thanks for *spotlighting* me on the Cinema Satruday blog! I would proudly display the audrey award! I am seriously a tech tard and I don't know how to get it to my blog! LOL! Thanks again for hosting such a fun challenge! I already have a few ideas cooked up for this week's challenge! I will be popping by all week to see if you post any other projects! I seriously loved all of your Wizard of Oz projects! You are so creative!

Sarah-Jane Kale' said...

Gorgeous Card Brooke.
I love looking at your beautiful creations. Oh and I LOVE the music you've got on your blog.


Kazan Clark said...

Laura is out of town so I am filling in for..so a huge big welcome to 2 Sketches 4 You Brooke. I love this card - your use of colors and stamping is superb. I can't wait to see what you do with my sketch next week ;)

cheryln said...

The Princess Bride is a big favorite at our house, too. That is one beautiful card!

Heidi Van Laar said...

This is absolutely gorgeous! That movie is one of my all time faves as well and I think you captured the spirit of it wonderfully! Really great take on Laura's sketch as well!

rae said...

This is gorgeous.. I absolutely LOVE your color combination, and admire the clean lines of your card. Fabulous take on Laura's sketch!!

Eveline said...

Really very beautiful card.

Stephanie said...

Beautiful card Brooke! I love the colors!

Debi said...

Oh Brooke. I've been gone, and of all the challenges you've had, this would be the one I could try! I love, Love, LOVE this movie. Maybe if I have time, I could still meet the deadline. (Can't count on it though) RATS!!!

Great sentiment for your card relating to the movie. As always, you did a great job.

Debi said...

OK, I just realized I missed the deadline, but since this is my favorite movie, I just had to try something.

Sherri said...

How pretty!! I love that movie! Sorry I was away for this week's challenge:)

The Memory Keeper said...

Brooke you've won a blog award... Pop over to my blog and get it!

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